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Over 4 Decades of Bucket Lists

My Life-Long bucket list: 

From the seventies (ages 1-9): 

1.  Marry Mac Davis. 

2.  Rescue abused animals from circuses and take care of them on my big farm.

3.  Never, ever have to clean my room again.

**Progress Note**  I didn’t get any of these things crossed off my bucket list.  I know you were hoping for the marriage thing to work out between Mac and I, but I just couldn’t play the long distance relationship game so I had to let him go. It’s just too much and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.  Moving on…..

From the 80’s (ages 10-19): 

Get a new pair of killer acid washed jeans by Guess. 

Meet Charles Schulz and ask him to draw Snoopy for me.

Look totally outrageous in a side ponytail. 

Have a good friend that I would still know and love even when I get old.  Really old – like, over forty. 

Like, totally go to a rad art school and then land a cool job in Chicago. 

**Progress Note**  I never did master the side ponytail.  Yep, not a photo to be found.  Dodged that bullet.  The friend thing worked out, though (homage to Beth)  

From the 90’s (ages 20-29): 

Graduate from college and immediately get offered a six-figure salary doing work that I loved. 

Get married and live happily ever after.

Live like it’s 1999.

Lose those pesky 20 pounds. Get rid of those extra 60 pounds. Lose over 100 pounds.

**Progress Note**  Skipping the nineties.  Nothing to read here.  The nineties sucked. 


From 2000 to date:

Fall in love again.

Seriously.  Lose the weight – and keep it off. 

Work for the best employer on Earth.   

Become a well-renowned artist.

Be content in my skin and in my life. 

Learn to say, “No.”

Appreciate myself for who I am and what I’ve yet to accomplish.

**Progress Note**  I can’t say that I’ve mastered 100% of these list items but I’m pretty darned close.  Becoming a well renowned artist I’ve found, takes more than a few months.   Go figure.


Everyone has a bucket list, or the equivalent of one.  Things they want to accomplish. As I sit back and look at the things in my life that I so badly wanted to accomplish but didn’t, I laugh at some (how many of you actually remember Mac Davis and why on earth did I have the hots for him so badly?) and I feel melancholy about others (did NOT attend a good art school; instead, followed a boy to his school of choice), but I’m reminded of where I would be had I taken different routes than the ones I did.  One thing leads to another, which leads to something else, and so on. 

One example:  If I had gone to the art school of my choice, I never would have continued my relationship with my boyfriend, who’d later become my husband.  Years later, if my husband hadn’t divorced me I never would have become close friends with the woman who would introduce me to my future husband.   Yes, hindsight is 20/20, but it has also provided me comfort in knowing that the decisions we make/made are for our greater good.  Trust yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Follow your heart. 

Cliché?  Maybe.  True?  I think so.  When things appear at their worst – or even if you’re just having a lousy day, take comfort in knowing that whatever mess you’re in, in the long run it will add flavor to your life, you’ll learn from it and it will make you a better person because of it.

I am still learning, but I haven’t added much to my bucket list lately.  I still struggle with the insecurities of being a new business owner and my body continues to remind me that physically, I’m not as strong as I was before surgery.  But in all honesty, most days I’m excited enough to see where things might go from here.  It’s good to have goals but I’m living a less rigid life now that I’ve hit my forties.  There is the possibility of tomorrow and what surprises it may bring because we truly never know what’s right around the corner.   

Not quite sure why I’m so nostalgic today, but there’s my post to show for it. 


On another note, I returned to yoga class yesterday.  Sue, my instructor, was there with her loving presence and I felt like I’d never left.  Well, emotionally it felt that way.  Physically?  I have got a LOT of catching up to do.  Last year around this time I was doing 3 minute planks.  Now?  I couldn’t hold for more than 5 seconds.  But, at least I have a goal to work towards.  Another goal for my bucket list:  I’ve got it!  Holding plank pose for 43 minutes by my 43rd birthday in February!  Wait – hold the phone; how did that 4 get in there?  I mean 3 minutes – not 43; that’s just crazy talk.

How has your bucket list changed over the years?  Do you remember what dreams you had when you were a kid?  This is a great time to purge your soul, people!  (and I’m not just saying that because I don’t want to be the only one exposed here with my Mac Davis confession).

Like, this is a totally righteous clothing post

Clothes are kind of like language.  They are forever evolving.  I remember my first day of high school. By the end of the day I became fully educated on which jeans were the ‘IT’ jeans to have.

Can you believe that teenagers begged and pleaded with their parents for this style of jean, which they wouldn’t be caught dead in now (I think these are now referred to as ‘Mom Jeans’)  I owned neither of these pairs of jeans, nor did I own the Izod short sleeved shirts that you were supposed to layer one on top of the other – collars up of course. 

By the time I entered college, my wardrobe didn’t matter much.  I spent 75% of my time in the art department and what you wore was based on what class you were taking.  Painting?  You could get by with a slightly better look in that class because you wore a smock over your clothes.  Photography and Interior Design?  Now, these college kids dressed for success.  What was I wearing for pottery class and graphic design?  Easy: worn out jeans with holes in the knees and Genesis T-shirts (graphic design wasn’t necessarily messy, but I was too lazy to change clothes between classes). 

As I became heavier and heavier I swapped my old jeans for sweatpants.  Like, that was a rockin’ wardrobe – fer sure!  lol

By the time I finished college I weighed over 200 pounds and every time I walked the mall I’d stop at The Limited, where I fantasized about being able to wear such clothes.  I think they catered to a maximum size of 12 if I remember correctly.  So, I applied for a credit card at Lane Bryant and shopped there for years when I needed something stylish.  Still, it wasn’t the same.  At that time, all plus sized clothing was labeled muumuu clothing.  In other words, extremely oversized, non form-fitting, and LOUD.  Most of the time you could find me shopping at the Goodwill, or in the men’s section of Wal-Mart:  sweatshirts and sweatpants.  All the better to hide your fat, my pretty!  Or, so I thought. 

When I finally hit my 130’s I went into The Limited and looked around. I was excited beyond reason because I’d had this vision in my head that I would finally feel like I ‘belonged there.’  But you know what?  All of the clothes were too dressy for me.  I was working with handicapped adults and children and still painting.  What was I going to do with a satin top and pressed trousers? 

Ah, well.  Live and learn, right? 

Now that I’m quickly approaching 42 I wear whatever I want.  I still have no need to dress up so I don’t visit The Limited, but sometimes I wish I did.  My sister works in a hospital and she is always dressed like a true professional.  I own one nice dress – if you don’t count my wedding dress, that is. 

If you happen to enjoy Limited clothing but aren’t the appropriate size, I am here with good news!!  The Limited has a new line of clothing out for Plus-sized women and they are planning on opening stores all across the country at some point.  Their website is called eloquii by The Limited and they specialize in sizes from 14 – 24.  Some really nice, tailored looks there. The prices look reasonable, too.   The best part:  free shipping AND free returns.  Check it out, if you’re interested.   

Just don’t expect to see any parachute pants there.  Or legwarmers.  Or door-knocker earrings (ooh, remember those?)

Have a totally rad day, everyone.  See you back here tomorrow for group therapy.