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Peanutta POW: A new powdered peanut butter review

Yes – another peanut butter substitute review!  I know, I know.  I just can’t help myself.

You all know that peanut butter has been one of those foods that used to beckon me in the middle of the night.  We’d have ourselves a rendezvous, then another…and another until the jar was gone and I was up 2 or 3 pounds on the scale.  Peanut butter has a way of hooking me like that – one bite turns into twenty. 

After lots of Internet research, you read as I found an alternative for my love of the stuff, in the form of powdered peanut butter (if you missed either of my posts about my quest for a peanut butter substitute you can read them here and here.)  I didn’t use powdered peanut butter regularly, but on those days when I craved the real thing, it was a fairly satisfying alternative. 

Fast forward to a month or so ago.  I ventured into one of my favorite local cafés after yoga class for something hot to drink.  As I was checking out I noticed in front of the register a full line of powdered peanut butter by Davis Chocolate called Peanutta POW.  When I picked it up to look at the nutrition stats I was happy to see that they were comparable to the packages of FitNutz and PB2 I still had in my cupboard, but I was downright thrilled when I read at the bottom of the package that POW was made right here in my hometown! Without hesitation I added a package to my order thinking, please, please taste comparable so I don’t have to pay shipping charges anymore! 


For my taste test I could have chosen to add a tablespoon to my oatmeal, or mix it in with my yogurt but I had to try this new brand the way that really counted: right from the spoon.  I measured out a serving (2 tablespoons) and added just enough water till the consistency was creamy.  I kid you not, it was the closest thing to eating the real deal I’ve tasted so far – surpassing both PB2 and FitNutz.  Score!

Now that more people are hearing about and using powdered peanut butter, there are a ton of recipes that you can use it for – both to cook and bake with.  But my favorite way to eat it is still by the spoonful. 

My favorite way to eat! 

This morning I had a taste for peanut butter on bread so I went to the frig and took out one of my bread staples: Healthy Life English Muffins (only 80 calories per muffin).  I mixed up a serving of Peanutta POW (2 tablespoons) with water and then added a bit of cinnamon. 

I must apologize; I FULLY intended on snapping a pic of my english muffin all toasted and peanut-buttered up, but I was multi-tasking (something I still have trouble doing since surgery) and ate most of it before remembering.  Luckily, you already know this isn’t a foodie blog and I know will forgive me Winking smileJust imagine a very filling treat, all for under 140 calories. 




Here is my now nearly empty package of Peanutta POW…..


My nearly empty bag of Peanutta POW


…along with the nutritional stats taken right off the back:


As you can see, the nutrition values and overall stats are pretty similar to the other brands that are out there.  What I couldn’t figure out though, was why some brands taste better than others.  I mean, pressing the oil out of a peanut isn’t rocket science, right?  However, if you scan the web for other bloggers’ taste-test comparisons you’ll find that everyone says they DO taste different – some better than others. I contacted the manufacturer/owner and he told me that the difference in taste comes down to the type of peanut that is used.  News to me, as I didn’t know there were different types of peanuts.  Okay, so I may not know my peanuts but I DO know a lot about the powdered peanut butter competition out there because you’ve watched me practically try them ALL.  This one however, gets my vote for the best flavor and closest-to-real-peanut butter taste. 

If you’ve limited your use of peanut butter due to the calorie content and can’t get past the slightly different flavor, my advice is to do what I do: add a dash of cinnamon and a drop or two of honey to the mixture.  The added calories are negligible, and my husband – my newly appointed ‘official FGWT taste-tester’, said that he could barely tell the difference between the Peanutta POW and the regular peanut butter that he eats.   Now, I’m just hoping that Davis Chocolate has something in the works for a chocolate version of Peanutta POW.  Did you hear that, Davis Chocolate?  You’ve got your first customer already in line!  (hint-hint)



Disclaimer: This review was made possible by Me here at Fat Girl Wearing Thin.  I did not receive any compensation from Davis Chocolate for this review nor did I receive Peanutta POW as a gift in exchange for a review.  I paid for this product myself and my thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.