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Halloween. Good Times.

Okay – so, you all know how much I love Halloween; therefore, I will be inserting photos of my friends and family throughout this post for your entertainment while I share with you why I love this holiday.  You’re welcome. 

Halloween 2009 021

I can sense you folks from across the pond scratching your heads right now, wondering what is wrong with these weirdo Americans but, come on!  How can you not love the idea of being whatever you want for one day? 


hippie chick

Halloween happens to do two things for me.  In my everyday life, I shrink at the thought of being the center of attention.  It makes me uncomfortable.  I’m a classic introvert – enough said.   But on Halloween and in costume, I feel uninhibited, which is not like me at all.  No – not crazy, dancing on the table, doing body shots uninhibited (hello!  Have we met??) I mean like, I can set aside my everyday personality and leave it home while I pretend I’m an extrovert for a while. Being in costume allows me that luxury.   Plus, people in general are nicer to one another.  Everyone talks to each other and it’s not weird when you say things like, ‘Wow, I REALLY like your bloody stump!’    It’s kind of like going to a school where all the kids have to wear uniforms. You can’t tell the cool kids from the nerds, so everyone is really kind of the same. 

I have been known to throw awesome parties at my house, but I tend to go completely overboard and it takes a LOT of work.  This year Craig and I were invited to a Halloween party where we will only know TWO people there.  TWO, people!  Normally I would give a swift but grateful ‘thank you…but, no.’ answer.  But since its Halloween and we’re going with two great people, we’re practically guaranteed a good time tonight.  



I ask you:  where else would you be able to see a guy in drag talking to Frankenstein about politics?  This is Gold, People – Gold!


I have no idea what I’m going as this year (it’s been like, three years since I’ve donned a costume – yes, that is me above in my ‘Ragged’ Ann costume) but I will have plenty of pictures come next week just for you.  Promise.   Any ideas as to what my costume should be? I’m open to anything as long as it doesn’t have the words ‘slutty’ in front of it, as in ‘Slutty Nurse’ ‘Slutty Nun’ or, ‘Slutty Dental Assistant.’  Can’t these companies think of better costumes than that?  The other day I was looking for a costume and found one that read:  ‘Sexy Maid’.  Really?  How often do you feel sexy when you’re cleaning someone else’s toilet? 

Have a good weekend, everyone. 


Evil Ellen