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   Feb 08

Yoga Challenge – Final Day

Today’s pose was Half Bound Lotus Standing Forward Bend.  I needed to use a strap because I couldn’t reach my right hand to my right foot as you can see in the photo (yikes, I’m far away!!) but will be working on this pose hoping to become more flexible in my shoulders so I can eventually […]

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   Feb 04

Balance your heart Day Four

Day four of the Balance Your Heart Challenge via Instagram is wide-angled seated forward bend.   Begin by spreading the legs wide on the mat, keeping the legs as straight as possible and position the feet into what my yoga instructor calls ‘Barbie feet’ – love that, by the way.  lol When you begin bending, […]

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   Feb 02

Day Two: Balance your heart challenge

Today is Day Two of the Balance Your Heart yoga challenge I’m participating in via Instagram.  Today’s heart opening pose Wide-legged Forward Fold.  This is one of my favorite stretches to do when I’ve been working on a painting for too long.  This would also be great for anyone who has to site at a […]

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   Dec 16

A woman’s place is in the Om

I officially finished my last yoga painting of the year several days ago; or, so I thought.  But then on Saturday something happened that is rare for me: I felt a strong urge to get out my acrylics, a large canvas and madly start painting.  Unusual, because I’ve been working exclusively in watercolors for months […]

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   Dec 12

Practice, practice, practice

You’d think that looking at myself in the mirror several times a day, every day would mean that I have a sensible understanding of what I look like.  Not the obvious things like ‘my hair is brown, my eyes are brown…’ but a realistic understanding of the correct proportion of my body; but it’s clear […]

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   Nov 22

Yoga and my Ego

Painting throughout the day, most every day, has its challenges. I do not get nearly as much exercise as I did when I worked outside of the house all day. Therefore, I have been trying to force myself to adhere to a stricter schedule which includes more treadmill time as well as practicing yoga a […]

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   Nov 05

Nothing to fear but fear itself

  I have been in Indianapolis for the last couple of days.  One of my destinations was to Treehouse Yoga so I could meet with Dusty, the owner, who bought several pieces of my artwork.  Sometimes it is hard to let go of a painting, but I didn’t feel that way about any of the […]

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   Oct 29

Yoga Art in Progress and Yoga Benefits from The Huffington Post

I’ve been making a genuine effort to practice yoga every day, even if it is for simple stretches.  I’m finding that it makes me a bit more focused, calms my mind and prepares me for the day ahead.  My back – again, giving me some trouble lately, tends to hurt a bit less if my […]

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   Oct 06

Full Crow and another tree painting

I am really starting to ramp up my yoga practice. I’ve been having anxiety issues lately – much being the result of my worry for a family member who is having serious emotional troubles and whom I fear is in danger of causing serious harm to himself or others around him. News of his violent […]

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   Aug 26

My Four-Leaf Clover: hard to find, lucky to have.

I stumbled across a hashtag on Instagram this past weekend which read: #onlinefriendsareREALfriends I found it humorous because obviously a hashtag like that wouldn’t have been created unless someone felt the need to validate an online friendship to a ‘non-believer’.   Back in the mid-nineties I was a firm non-believer, myself. Remember when AOL was the […]

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