Fat Girl Wearing Thin

Life beyond the loss.

   Aug 29

Who am I, anyway?

My name is Ellen and I live in the Midwest with my husband and two golden retrievers, Brulee and Emmie. I am a professional artist and am currently selling my work throughout the US and abroad, and on Etsy.

I’m usually an open book if asked a question, however if you didn’t know me in the nineties or the year 2000 you might be a bit surprised if you stumbled across a photo like this one:


I used to weigh 235 pounds. I carried that weight on my five foot two inch frame and all the emotional baggage that went with it in my twenties, and spent my early thirties trying to get to a weight I could live with.

My body seems to be most comfortable around 130 pounds which I’ve maintained for the past several years. That girl will always be a part of me however, and I will write about both of us along with other musings on life after the loss here at my blog.


Yes, a part of me writes for the love of writing but a big part of me writes for you, the reader. Whether you leave a comment, take a piece of information or stay and linger with me as I move forward through this life, you are always welcome here.