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   Feb 14

Just another Friday…

…except that it’s Valentine’s Day :)

My husband and I used to go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day with the best of them.  Flowers, wine, a romantic card.  Some people say that when a couple has been together for a long time, they start to slack a bit on the ole’ romance.  Maybe that could be said about us too, since we don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day anymore.  Instead, we try to show that we appreciate one another all of the time instead of making a grand gesture once a year.  Frankly, every day would be Valentine’s Day if Craig would put his dirty dishes actually into the dishwasher instead of setting them on the counter directly above the dishwasher (come on man, it literally takes three seconds more to just put them inside – and yes, I timed it!) and although I can’t speak for my husband, I’m sure the same could be said if only I would remember to shut the kitchen cupboard doors  – a bad habit I’ve been trying to break for about, oh – I don’t know…13 years now?  

The truth is, I don’t need a special day to know that this man loves me.  He shows me in some form all of the time with subtle things like putting gas in my car or offering to go to the grocery store because he knows how much I dislike it.  Call me strange, but one of the most romantic things my husband does for me is when he tries to cheer me up.  If I’m feeling discouraged or depressed, he’ll spontaneously begin performing his best impersonation of Paul Rudd dancing (no music necessary) – always when I least expect it.    It never fails to make me laugh no matter how blue I am.  I don’t think he’d mind me telling you this; just don’t ever ask him to do it for you, cause ladies, – that’s reserved for me and me alone 😉

To me, Valentine’s Day is about telling everyone in my life how much they mean to me.  My intention today is to honor the people I know and tell them that they are appreciated, that they are loved.  If you’re reading this, that includes you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.






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  1. Caron says:

    Beautifully said. Happy Valentine’s Day, Ellen. :)

  2. NewMe says:

    That was lovely, Ellen!

    My hubby and I exchanged gifts yesterday, just because. He got me two books he KNEW I’d love (and he was right) and I got him a boxed set of Miles Davis recordings, which he loved and put on the CD player right away.

    Tonight we’re not doing anything but tomorrow we’ll go to a vernissage (the son of a friend is having his first one-man show) and then we’ll wander around downtown, find a nice restaurant and enjoy ourselves.

    Happy Valentine’s day to all!!

    • Ellen says:

      That is so sweet – I love small, intimate gifts like that :) Have great time this weekend. I hope the weather cooperates for you and that you don’t have to bundle up like a mummy! lol

  3. Lynn B says:

    Awww, what a great post! I’m like you (or I guess WE are like you guys)…every day is Valentine’s Day. Without fail my husband, who gets out of bed a few hours later than I do, comes to where ever I am and gives me a good morning kiss…and at some point in the evening we hug…a good long, all encompassing hug. But I still know what you mean about the dishes. =)

    • Ellen says:

      That is so sweet, Lynn. I often wonder if Craig and I could do what you two are able to pull off: being together day in and day out in close quarters. It takes a very special couple who appreciates and respects one another do make that work and you two make it look easy :)

  4. I love this – and I can say that I’ve even seen his love for you (and yours for him) in my limited interactions such as during and after your surgery! I’m happy just being me, but yiu guys keep me open to the possibility that someday a relationship might be worth it! xoxo

    • Ellen says:

      Relationships are hard work, I will admit it – but totally worth the effort. You have to be willing to overlook certain things and focus on the big picture – and work as a team. For some people thats the hard part, especially for those of us who are so independent. That balance can be found, though. I know there is someone out there who is perfect for you, Laura. Whomever you choose will be one lucky guy. xo

  5. Angela says:

    Thank you for your posts. I look forward to reading them. Just so you know, I thought I had the only husband in the world who left dirty dishes on the counter above the dishwasher. Nearly spit out my drink when I read that….Still now answer as to why he does that….lol. Have a great week.

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