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   Feb 07

Yoga Challenge: Day 7

My art show is on Sunday. This is a big one for me and I've been trying to pace myself. I have this vision of how a perfect art booth would look like and if it didn't take so long to haul everything and put things up, my vision of a cozy little living space filled with wall to wall art might actually happen; for a two day show, maybe. But this one isn't so I need to be realistic and not so hard on the fact that there simply isn't enough time to do it all. In other words, I need to just let go.

Speaking of letting go, today's challenge pose was wheel, which is basically an inverted downdog. I can't help but laugh at some of these challenge poses as I think to myself, “how can anyone DO that??” Then I panic, wondering how I can contribute a photo and not feel uncomfortable about it. This of course is my ego talking; I type this here but I simply cannot afford to bring that kind of attitude onto the mat or else I will hurt myself.

I admit it, though: doing a pose correctly feels wonderful. For someone who has always been terrible at sports and undeniably uncoordinated, being able to embrace something physical is, for me, a staggering feat so I sometimes struggle whenever I am unable to attain a pose without the need to ask for a modification. Again, there's that ego rearing it's ugly head.

It all comes down to the photos, I've decided. I don't worry about attaining a certain pose when I'm practicing for me alone. I just practice. But when I know that dozens or hundreds of others will be seeing my photo? Well now, that can be quite intimidating to say the least. I have decided though, that photos are necessary for me right now. Not only can I visually see what I'm doing incorrectly, but I believe that while I may feel uncomfortable now, in time I will value these photos as they'll be evidence of my progress. I just need to let go of the ego and realize that anything worth doing takes time – and patience. Besides, these challenges are meant to be for fun; photos only capture a hint of what the practice is all about.

So, my modification for Wheel is Bridge pose, except I added a bit of extra height by balancing on my toes. Gotta show some flair sometimes! lol




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  1. Vickie says:

    Have you tried a wheel because while it looks hard, it isn’t. Takes a while to learn to push up, but my guess is you could do it. Work with your instructor on positioning.

  2. Vickie says:

    Your bridge looks good. That is one of my favorites because of feeling of shoulders. Really good.

    Play was very good last night. Campus was freezing cold. Quite a walk from parking lot to building. I thought about you two carrying all your stuff in for booth.

  3. Lynn B says:

    Beautiful bridge! What I like about these challenges and the “Yoga Selfies” as they’ve be called is that is shows REAL people doing their own practice. Rather than bombarding myself with Yoga Journal images of beautiful, lithe (perhaps photoshopped) images, I get to see people (men and women) of all sizes, shapes and levels share their progress pictures via Instagram (or FB or blogs). It’s inspiring and empowering because I don’t feel as out of place as I once had allowed myself (Ego). I’ve learned more from these challenges than I have in any studio class. I hope you continue to build on your practice with these challenges. I look forward to it actually!!

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