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   Feb 01

A February Challenge to Open My Heart

I am busily preparing for a very important art fair that is a week from tomorrow. I've started forcing myself to think of other things as I mat and frame because I dislike it so, so much – mainly because it always takes me 5 or 6 tries before I am succesful in not getting either a single strand of dog hair or dust of some sort between the mat and frame. It's maddening to take everything apart over and over again. Grr!

I'm still carving out bits of time for myself however, which includes my first-ever yoga challenge which I signed up for via Instagram. I am not one who likes being in front of a camera and I rarely take selfies, especially when it comes to my yoga practice; I just find that I become too focused on the way a pose is going to look to others instead of keeping my mind focused on the practice itself which then defeats the purpose of yoga altogether. This challenge though I like, because it concentrates more on heart opening poses which can be beneficial since they counteract our natural wintertime postures of hunching over and drawing ourselves inward to keep warm. These poses are also psychologically beneficial as they tend to lift ones spirits which for me is an added bonus since February is usually the coldest and dreariest months of the year around here.


This challenge is scheduled to run for a little over a week and because I'll already be posting my yoga pose-of-the-day over on Instagram I thought I'd post my poses here as well. For those interested and/or curious about the challenge, just head on over to Instagram and use the hashtag #balanceyourheart. You can find me on Instagram at @ellenbrennemanstudio

February 1st, 2014 – Day One of Balance Your Heart – Camel Pose:


See you tomorrow!


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  1. Kyra says:

    See now, it’s THAT pose that actually hurts my back! LOL

    • Ellen says:

      Before I started doing yoga I couldn’t lay on my stomach propped up on my elbows. That hurt my back so much – always had, and it was because I never did any backbends. Overall it’s the most progress I’ve seen because it doesn’t hurt at all to do things like this now.

  2. I’m so glad you are doing this – and I find the photography so beautiful! You are beautiful, inside and out, and these yoga photos are capturing that so well!

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