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   Jan 30

The Polar Vortex

If you haven’t heard the term ‘Polar Vortex’ yet you must be living in Hawaii or some other tropical location.  I’ve never experienced weather quite like this before.  I’m normally not one to give in to weather conditions but I’ve been waving my white flag since returning home from a treacherous trip to Indianapolis this past weekend.  I needed to retrieve several original paintings for an art fair I’m participating in next Sunday.  My husband and both dogs went with me and I’m glad they did because the extra weight in the car likely prevented me from ending up in a ditch.  I lost count of how many trucks we passed that had jack-knifed off the road:


Monday morning I awoke to an actual temperature of -13 degrees.  The windchill was nearly forty below.  By mid morning a driving ban had been put in place and if you were found on the road you’d quickly be ticketed.  The ban wasn’t lifted until Noon on Tuesday but the temps stayed well below zero.

Luckily I had plenty to keep me busy.  In between matting and framing I decided to make homemade bread and finished my first inspiration/yoga painting of the year:




It was also a good time to start watching a new-to-me series called Falling Skies.  Nothing like dystopian sci-fi to take ones mind off the weather 😉 I also had plenty of time to take photos.  Since cars weren’t allowed on the roads it was very peaceful outside and soon I found myself welcoming the sight of all the birds that gravitated to my feeders.  Cardinals have most definitely been a prominent presence in my yard all winter.  Here is a male sitting on the windowsill of my studio while a female looks on:



How has the weather affected you these last couple of weeks?  What do you do with yourself when you’re stuck at home?


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  1. Kitty says:

    Great Cardinal picture! Where I live it doesn’t often get really cold so when it got to below freezing the schools were even closed. It played a bit of havoc with my walking outside since it was colder than I was used to, but DH and I bundled up the past couple of days and went for a couple of long walks to stay on track.

    • Ellen says:

      Thank you, Kitty :) Normally my bird pics are much better but I was working at my drafting table and afraid to move! I’m lucky he didn’t fly away. Good for you for not letting the weather stop your walking. I was WAY too chicken to even go out for a short stroll. Winter weather is not for me! lol

  2. Kyra says:

    I’m just wishing for snow instead of the brutal cold. I miss snow. *sigh* And I’m a hermit, so I putter around anyway. Not leaving the house for a week isn’t a big deal for me. :)

    • Ellen says:

      Normally not for me, either – and I think if I had the option to stay home instead of being told to, I would have handled it much better! lol

  3. This weather has been CRAZY – and I am dying for spring or at least a little springy weather. Glad you are staying warm and safe. I’m avoiding the roads as much as I can – and going outside only when I must!

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