Before and After? How about Here and Now.

My friend Tina recently shared an article on Facebook. Found on MindBodyGreen and written by a woman who has lost and maintained a healthy weight, Brynn Andre describes the downside of posting before and after images of oneself for all to see.  I found it so spot-on, so perfectly written that I had to share it here.

Regardless of where you are on your journey to a healthier life, please take 2 minutes and read this article; I think you will feel empowered.

Let’s Be Real: Before & After Photos are B.S.


4 thoughts on “Before and After? How about Here and Now.

  1. Vickie

    Really great article.

    I have a huge collection of pictures on my side bar. So I think you can really see the whole story, because it is not a start and stop only, it is all the pictures in progress too.

    Ironic that you mentioned this as I am just getting ready to post my surgery progress pictures. I think I am going to post them, unedited/all my parts, because I consider them educational. This is also unusual.

    Excess skin is such an issue. Very few have surgery. I actually do not know anyone else who has had both the surgeries I did (front and back at the same time, lump in breast removed at same time, it was fine).

    I am very much a chronically-er.

    1. Ellen Post author

      I think photos like those are extremely helpful, Vickie. Not only photos, but writing as well because sometimes if one sees only the before/after photos they can’t appreciate the FULL journey the person has taken to get to where they currently are. You are wonderful at doing this and I know it will help others.

  2. Val

    Great article – thanks for heads-up about it, Ellen.

    but Vickie, can I get an invite? I would hope Ellen can vouch for me ;-)
    Always in search of fresh motivation in my health quest…


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