Dog Days of Summer

I am feeling more like myself today.  It was a bad week overall, and that’s just going to happen from time to time. But the weekend is here, and Monday is Labor Day.  Which means we’re into the Dog Days of Summer.  The dogs think that means something totally different here at our house:







This was what I awoke to this morning, taking the place of my husband.  Craig went to work early this morning and when I came to, Emmie was in bed with her backside practically smooshed in my face.  When she heard me stir she turned her head all the way back and gave me this look – and yes, she’s resting her head quite comfortably on Craig’s pillow, thankyouverymuch.   That face gets me everytime.  Damn her cuteness!!

Old Man Bru hasn’t been digging our walks this week.  It’s been hot and humid and just plain miserable.  We cut our walk short the other day because it just wasn’t worth the effort.  Even though I had the AC on full-blast, he decided that he was too far away and practically strained his neck trying to get to the air from the backseat:


The best part of Dog Days?  This is the time of year when my hydrangeas come into full bloom.  I don’t know how I got so lucky but these bushes and I have an agreement.  I leave them completely alone, and in return they provide me with football-sized blooms.  This year they stand well over seven feet high:


Finally, this week was productive; I started and completed a painting.  I’ve been experimenting with color and different subjects for the last couple of weeks just because I think overall it makes me a better painter.  This week’s finished piece:


Infinite Love

Tomorrow I take some new things to Lilly’s Soap Kitchen.  Sara the owner, has graciously agreed to meet me half way which will be nice.  Plus, she’s bringing me some of the shop’s new bath bombs which I love.  The rest of the weekend will be working on unfinished projects around the house (if the weather cooperates, that is.)  Oh, and the peanut butter issue?  No longer a problem.  I will make this declaration, though:  never, EVER will I have that jar anywhere near my house again.  It’s something I am choosing to stay away from from now on.

Anyone else have big plans for the weekend?

3 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. AndThisIsThirty?

    This week was great, but today – not so much (and I didn’t win the food battle, kudos to you for doing it!) – I’m definitely looking forward to a Labor Day weekend, although I might just stay home and detox from today!

  2. Sharon

    Gotta love that Emmie! No big Labor Day plans here. Labor Day usually means a few rest days after Bill’s first two weeks of school. He’s exhausted! O.K. by me – we’ll let everyone else fight the holiday crowds and traffic.


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