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   Aug 08

Back on Ice

I am lying in bed with my back on ice as I dictate this post via an app on my IPad called Blogsy. If it publishes everything exactly as I want it to, I could see myself posting more often. With my back still in distress, especially the more I sit and paint, the less time I spend doing anything else that requires sitting – including blogging and reading. This could change all of that, and wouldn't it be nice to be able to blog from anywhere, whether I'm standing, sitting, or propped up on the couch. I know – doesn't necessarily make for interesting reading material but it would give me the freedom to interact with my blog on a more personal level once again and that is important to me.

The big news this week: Craig and I went to a party and stayed for nearly 5 hours Last Saturday. I couldn't believe it either! Normally I'm casually glancing at my watch after a couple of hours wondering at what point 'long enough' actually is, however it turns out that even though I didn't know it, I was in desperate need of socialization. When Craig was off work for nearly 3 months neither one of us went anywhere because he was too ill; when he went back to work I furiously started working to get caught up on painting and framing, leaving me little time for going out.

I had a conversation about being an introvert with a woman at the party. We agreed that the more time an introvert spends alone the harder it is to accept an invitation to be with others. I hate to admit this but it reminds me of taking bitter medicine. I know it will make me feel better in the end but I dread the thought of having to consume it. This is totally ridiculous To me because all of the people that we visited with at the party were fun, intelligent and witty – and my closest friend co-hosted the event. Even though I came home drained (like usual) and in need of some recuperation, by the next morning I felt better than I had in a long, long time. I'm so grateful to have friends that understand me. I simply need to force myself to get out more and that is that.

Speaking of loners and introverts, I spotted that heron fishing our creek this week. I was able to get a couple of pics but he was on to me and bolted down the creek before I could settle in for any decent photos. This was the best one I took:

Luckily, my friend Laurie happened to have taken several photos of a heron while visiting Florida and kindly sent them to me. Two days later my neighbor came over and stated that he captured several pics of our lone heron loitering in our yard and sent them to me as well. It will take all half-dozen photos for me to create the painting I have in my mind but I am so happy that I can finally move forward with it.

This weekend will be spent putting up my art fair tent and working out any bugs so that by next Saturday I'll know how everything will look. I have a total of 20 original and framed prints ready to hang as well as note cards, refrigerator magnets and postcards. I may actually have time next week to start on the heron painting and settle in for a couple of days rest before next Saturday. Anyone have exciting plans for the weekend?



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  1. Vickie says:

    I am going to have to get a good look at our pair who will not share the same pond and see if it is the same bird type.

    • Ellen says:

      I would be very interested in knowing if these are the same birds, Vickie. Not hanging around together sounds about right, too. I never see herons together here either.

  2. Caron says:

    How interesting that you can dictate your post for your blog. I hope your back improves by leaps and bounds as they say. :)

    • Ellen says:

      Dictating is HARD, Caron! It takes a lot of getting used to and I find that I actually type faster than I dictate because whenever I start recording my voice I open my mouth and nothing comes out :) Stage fright, I think. lol

  3. I’m so sorry you back is still causing problems, Ellen! Here’s hoping that a little rest will push it to the background in time for your show.

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