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   May 29

Surgeries and Paintings

How my husband took care of me for weeks after my hysterectomy without appearing the slightest bit tired is beyond me.  It’s only been a mere 31 hours since Craig’s surgery and I’m already exhausted.  The first full day is always the hardest, though.  Tomorrow we’ll have a better routine in place and things will run much more smoothly, I’m sure of it. 

Surgery didn’t go quite as planned.  Craig went in for a hernia repair and came out minus an appendix. 

No hernia in sight. 

The appendix wasn’t inflamed, but it wasn’t normal-looking either so out it came.  And right in front of the appendix was an adhesion – old scar tissue that usually generates from some form of trauma. The adhesion happened to be in the exact location of Craig’s pain. 

Okay, I asked.  So, he’ll be better now, right? 

Surgeon: I won’t be surprised if this doesn’t work.  Then again, I won’t be surprised if it does.  We’ll just have to wait and see. 

More waiting. 

The body is a very strange thing.  Nothing explains the constant nausea; the sharp pains 4-6 hours after eating; the dry-heaving after 5 minutes in a moving vehicle.  We just hope that whatever it was is now gone so Craig can resume a normal life. 


As for my life, it of course revolves around painting which continues to keep me focused and my hands busy with a paintbrush instead of holding another cookie or donut.  Ten pieces are heading to Indianapolis tomorrow; six are originals.  Here is my latest: 

While Craig is resting my plan is to get these listed on Etsy – by Friday.  That’s the plan, anyway. 


Thanks to all of you who have asked about Craig and sent good thoughts and wishes to us during this time.  I hope to never have to report again on this blog that his pain has returned.  From today we move forward hoping for the best. 

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  1. NewMe says:

    Lots of healing wishes for Craig and supportive thoughts to both of you!

  2. debby says:

    Oh brother. What a frustrating outcome. We always want to hear that things are 100%. But you are right when you say the human body is a strange thing. I hope this will be the solution–those adhesions can cause a lot of problems, I know that.

    I LOVE your owl!

    • Ellen says:

      Thank you, Debby. Good to hear from you :) I was surprised to learn that our surgeon did NOT believe that adhesions could cause such problems. He is an excellent doctor but he has a different viewpoint on that subject. I’ve always heard otherwise.

  3. Hope he heals fast and this does the trick:)

  4. Jan says:

    The waiting game is never fun, especially when it comes to health. I am praying that somehow between taking out Craig’s appendix and the old scar tissue, by some chance, it miraculously fixes ALL the issues he’s been having. Praying for renewed strength for you too as you take care of him.

    LOVE your owl painting! It’s just beautiful!!!

  5. Okay, I believe that this surgery took care of the issues…I feel it in my bones. Glad he’s home and recovering…and that he has you :-)

  6. Sharon says:

    Hang in there….I’ve been married (to the same man) for 36 years next week and from day 1, I’ve always said there’s nothing worse than a sick man. I say that in total jest, but there’s some truth to it! LOL! So yes, I hear you loud and clear when you say it’s exhausting particularly since you’re still playing the waiting game to see if this even worked.

    • Ellen says:

      My father was the opposite. Even if he were bleeding from a severed limb he’d pretend there was nothing exciting going on! lol

  7. Val says:

    Late to the party – but once again, a chance to cut is a chance to cure! Obviously Craig’s surgeon has to temper his remarks (“hope for the best, prepare for the worst”), but I have confidence that this problem is SOLVED!
    (Years ago, I had to re-open a bulldog who turned out to have a big knot of adhesions/scar tissue over her uterine stump – she appeared to have similar symptoms to Craig. So maybe you can’t trust me when I say most hysterectomies are no biggie 😉

    • Ellen says:

      I hope things worked out for the bulldog, Val! AND I hope your family situation is improving and that you’re enjoying some Spring rides with great weather!

  8. didi says:

    Wow. I wonder what caused the original trauma that caused the scar tissue, but hope that he’ll be on the mend now.

    I think that owl is my new favorite. Of course, it seems that everything new that you do becomes my new favorite. When my life is stable again, and we have found a new home, I think my gift to myself will be some more prints of your birds!

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