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   May 13

Buffets and my introduction to 7 Spice

With Comfort Food on the brain, I’ve been dreaming of deep-fried falafel stuffed into pita and drenched with tahini sauce.  While we’re here we might as well throw in some baba ganoush and hummus on the side, right?  I mean, if you’re going to dream, you’d might as well dream big!

Just for fun, I started scouring the Net trying to find healthy ways to prepare falafel.  It started with an email from Bed Bath and Beyond who tried to lure me to their store with a gift card if I bought their healthy frier called Actifry.  Apparently it has been hand-stamped as one of Oprah’s favorite things.  So, with absolutely nothing better to do (um, yeah – right) I started reading reviews. Supposedly, this thing can crisp up to two pounds of food without using more than a spoonful of oil.  Most of the reviews mention that it decently cooks chicken nuggets and fries to a light, crispy coating.  But can it do the same thing with falafel and other soft foods?  No.  It cannot.  Honestly, from what I can gather this appliance has a paddle inside that constantly rotates so the food is tossed around continuously, thus getting all sides evenly heated and crisp.  The trick though, is using firm or semi-firm foods.  Something like falafel would end up looking like whipped potatoes by the time it came out  of the machine.  Sorry, T-Fal.  Not interested.  When I’ve got my mind set on falafel, nothing else will do.  Does anyone own this Actifry machine and if so, do you like it? 

Back on topic….when Craig was having a good day a couple of weeks ago we decided to drive to the best Lebanese restaurant we have in our area.  It’s a little bit of a drive but SO worth it.  When we arrived they were just setting up for a buffet.  Now, I never do buffets – ever.  Not only does the food look like it has been sitting for God only knows how long but I always, always overeat so it’s better if I just stay away.  Besides, buffets are getting crazy.  A Golden Corral recently opened here and would you believe that they have their own cotton candy machine? 

…sorry; I don’t know why I can’t stay on topic this evening.  Anyway, I could see beyond the very modest buffet and watched the older woman in the back for a moment.  This woman knew her way around a kitchen!  She was busy chopping fresh vegetables and adding spices that smelled like pure heaven. 

One of the waitresses came over and I asked about several dishes that I didn’t recognize.  She replied, ‘The owner’s mother is visiting from Lebanon and is doing all of the cooking in the back.  This is about as authentic as it gets!’  Um, well – okay; the least I could do is eat this woman’s food; I mean, she did come all the way from Lebanon, right?  It would be rude otherwise……right? 

The food was outstanding.  But it was the spices that had me singing.  Let me tell you, the flavors were so good together I had to ask what was being used and where could I get it.  I was told it was a mixture of spices called 7 Spice.  I’d never heard of it.  Grabbing a pen and paper, I listened while she told me how I could make my own which I could then use on meat, fish, chicken and – falafel! 

Ingredients for Lebanese 7 Spice: 

Use equal parts: black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, allspice, fenugreek and nutmeg.  Mix together well and store in an airtight container. 


Saturday I went to my newly opened Whole Foods and walked straight to the bulk spice aisle:


Everything I was looking for was right there and in just the amounts I needed.  I also picked up some chickpea flour which has a great baked falafel recipe on the side of the bag.  I’m making falafel this week, and I hope it turns out.  If it does, I’ll post the recipe here.  If it doesn’t, you’ll likely not read about my cooking on this blog for a while Winking smile


Wednesday I take my husband back to see a surgeon.  The next post I type will contain an answer to his problem as I’ve decided that we’re not leaving the doctor’s office until we get one.  It’s been over a month now and it’s time to make some decisions. 

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  1. And this is why I love the bulk spice aisle. I’ve never even heard of fenugreek, and I certainly wouldn’t want to buy a whole bottle/jar of it! LOL

    I haven’t tried cooking with chickpea flour. I’m eager to hear about your results!

  2. Val says:

    I hope your baked falafel turns out well… There’s a dusty box of falafel mix sitting in my cupboard, but I’m the only household member who’ll eat it 😉
    (I LIVE to visit my pal in Houston so we can hit the Lebanese joint!)

    • Ellen says:

      Did I tell you that I LOVE my baked falafel? I could eat it every day. It is so good, but is completely dependent on what kinds of spices go into it, otherwise it can be a tad bland. an ‘almost’ falafel. lol

  3. Ah Lebanese food!!! Tim and I went to our local Lebanese place (The Pita Spot) yesterday for lunch as he’s off work this whole week (but he left this morning on a motorcycle adventure!).

    Good luck with the falafel!

  4. I’ve never tried falafel–but now I really want to!

  5. tree peters says:

    I just sent that 7 spice recipe to stephen. He loves that stuff! and he’s been cooking lately. We have to get Craig excited about cooking when he feels a bit better!
    And my request for mothers day was kebab and the above mentioned goodness.
    That is also the food of my father’s people (Armenian). I can make the pilaff, hummus and salad and Stephen is going to take on the grilling. I need to let go of the yummy warm pita, but I think I can…

  6. didi says:

    I agree with you about buffets. Most of the food in them is horrendous! Everything usually tastes somewhat off too, doesn’t it? There are exceptions though. There’s a great little mexican restaurant a couple blocks from our house that puts out a nice buffet for lunch only. The trays aren’t huge, and they aren’t sitting for very long, so they get replaced quickly.

    I love creating spice blends. I’ve got a whole list of winners- I’ll have to dig them out and post them soon if I can remember which book I cunningly stashed them in. I’m always saving things in books, and then forgetting which one has what in it.

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    Buffets and my introduction to 7 Spice « Fat Girl Wearing Thin

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