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   Apr 18

Photo of Gratitude Week 3

Monday night was all about the unknown.  I was sitting in the ER trying to keep my husband comfortable as we waited to see a doctor for what we thought was appendicitis.  While we waited the only images coming from the TV were those of the Boston bombings.  An already somber room filled with sick and injured people became even more somber. 

When we were finally seen and awaiting tests, the doctors were convinced it probably was appendicitis.    That is, until the test results came back normal.  All normal.

We left the ER almost 5 hours later with Craig still feeling tremendous pain off to the right of his abdomen.  I was left wondering what to prepare for next. 

He’s been ordered to stay home from work the rest of the week and more tests were done today.  There’s only one thing worse than finding out what’s wrong with a loved one: not finding out what’s wrong.  Something is causing this constant pain and spasms but so far we have no answers.  Hopefully this latest round of tests will give us some answers. Lately it seems like it’s been so long since the two of us were healthy at the same time I’ve forgotten what it’s like.

I guess we both have something to look forward to now, don’t we? 


On to my gratitude photo of the week.  Yes, I do have one! Here she is:


Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen this photo.  I was trying to capture an image of an American Robin for my next painting one morning and this sweet little lady House Finch flew down and sat practically in front of me as if she were asking me to take her picture.  I just couldn’t say no. 

For her I am grateful this week – not because of this photo (which was taken early last week, actually) but because she and her mate have decided to make a nest on the Spring Wreath that hangs just to the right of my front door.  This of course means that whenever I open my window for the next few weeks I will be personally serenaded by her fluffy companion as he sings his heart out until those eggs hatch.  How can I not be grateful for that? 

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Appreciate the little things; there will be days when that’s what keeps you going.



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  1. Kyra says:

    That is a sweet little bird! I really hope Craig is all right!

  2. Sharon says:

    Please keep up posted on Craig’s dilemma. That is so frustrating.

  3. Vickie says:

    Is his GI track functioning?

    Did he have any previous surgeries, even long ago, like an umbilical hernia repair using a mesh?

    • Ellen says:

      Everything is functioning normally, Vickie – and yes, he did have a hernia repair with mesh, but on the other side – about 5 years ago. He was told that there was a strong possibility that a hernia would appear on the opposite side (where his pain is now) and we are beginning to suspect that. The frustrating thing is, they never felt the first one, and they can’t feel anything now. They had to do exploratory surgery the last time before they found it.

      • vickie says:

        I assume they did a CT of his belly? How are things going this week?

        • Ellen says:

          Vickie, you are so kind and thoughtful. Thank you for asking. Next up is a colonoscopy to rule out any issues there. First though, a round of antibiotics to clear up any issues in case it ‘is’ something like diverticular disease. He’ll have totally had ‘the Works’ by the time a diagnosis is found.

  4. Val says:

    Has he tried a gluten free diet? (gotta give it at least 6 wks)
    but yeah, it may be another inguinal hernia…

    Best wishes,
    “Your long-distance diagnostician” 😉

  5. didi says:

    Damn, you guys just can’t catch a break! Both of you need to write a message to the higher powers that you have had enough, learned enough tough lessons for the next several years, and are looking forward to coasting through the entire summer. Write it on a helium balloon, sign, and then let it drift away.
    Birds nesting in your spring wreath? And there are going to be little teensie house finches soon? That HAS to be good luck/ a good sign. You’ve got birth and new life happening on your spring wreath- something good will come of it.

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