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The first two months of the year is always somewhat bittersweet for me.  Tax forms start coming in and my goodness, the bills!!  Car insurance is due; life insurance premium is due.  Car plates are due.  I remember the first time I knew I was a grownup: it was the year I had to use my birthday money to pay for gasoline and credit card bills instead of frivolous things like music and clothes.

I do still get a few perks around my birthday, though.  February 1st always brings good mail.  Today my inbox was flooded with gift certificates to Office Maxx ($10 off $50!) and a coupon for a free cupcake at my favorite café (YUM!!) as well as double bonus points from Ulta for anything I purchase during the month of February!

Okay, I’ll admit – the cupcake is really the only thing I’ve gotten without strings attached.  Still, it’s a nice way to wake up in the morning, especially since my birthday is still over two weeks away.

Since I’m no longer running, I’m back to walking on the treadmill and putting in 3 miles at a time.  Today I’m going to try and squeeze in another mile for an even 4 but seriously, that may be the caffeine from my tea talking right now. 

I find that if I do it first thing in the morning then the rest of my day is freed up to paint and write.  For the past few days I’ve had little else to do, anyway.  Our weather went from 60 degrees and rainy one day to nearly single digits within 24 hours.  Today, I’m looking at 8 inches of snow on the ground and it is exactly ONE degree outside.  The dogs are not happy.  They want their walk and don’t care what temperature it is outside.  Every time I move, they block the doorway and look at me like this:


These dogs are impossible to reason with, I tell you!  lol


Because of the weather, you’d think I would have loads of inspiration for winter themed paintings, right?  Nope.  I can’t get get summer out of my head and it’s been coming through in my work: 



This painting was inspired from many nights under a campfire a few years back when Craig and I used to camp during the summers.  At least I’m getting back into a rhythm of painting.  I can’t sit or stand for long periods due to my back, so I do short bursts of fast and furious painting – which, surprisingly works quite well for me.  Go figure! 

Speaking of painting…….

This morning I wrote the name of every participant for our January Hate-Loss Challenge, folded the papers and put them in a bowl like so:


…and had my husband draw a name from the bowl before he headed off to work.  The winner of the inspirational print is:


Congratulations, Brenda!   Check your inbox for an email from me – I need your address so I can send your print to you Smile


This giveaway just happens to coincide with another giveaway I’m doing on Facebook right now.  I just reached my 100th Facebook Fan and am holding a drawing for THREE prints and a greeting card featuring my art.  Just click on the photo below and you’ll be taken to my Fan page where you can enter if you’d like.   Note** You must have a Facebook account to participate. 

The contest will close tomorrow (Saturday) at noon, EST. A winner will be announced tomorrow night.


Have a great weekend, everyone! 


2 thoughts on “Giveaway Galore

  1. Kyra

    Hey, I don’t get good birthday coupons! Maybe they’ll be coming soon… I prefer to do my workout in the mornings and my painting in the afternoon and evenings too :)

  2. didi

    Oh, I love birthday freebies. If you sign up you can get a free meal at Noodles (I think it’s good the entire month of your bday), Hu Hot Mongolian Grill (on the day of), and also Bennihana will give you a 30 dollar certificate good for your bday month. Don’t know if you have any of those nearby. We actually did a google search on “free food on your birthday” to discover those bday handouts.


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