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   Jan 07

Much in the Mundane

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  last night I decided to crown myself Miss Productivity which is really just a fancy way of saying that I crossed off a lot of items on my To-Do list over the weekend.  As a result, you’re in for an off-the-cuff post with a few photos thrown in which will hopefully hold your attention.  (that was your warning in case you want to hop past this blog and on to another, but if you stay, you’ll learn something new about me…….nice bribe, eh?)


On New Year’s Eve Craig and I went out with our friends Mel and John to a NYE Bash at a local pub where we ate like it was 1999, had a few drinks and danced to a pretty decent band. Did you know that songs by artists like Billy Joel and Duran Duran are now considered oldies?  Seriously. 

(Attention grabbing photo number one):


I started imagining myself at the nursing home trying to get the attention of the man on stage at the weekly sing-along: ‘Hey there, Sonny – sing, ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ by Prince!’ 

We had a great time and rang in the New Year celebrating some news I’d received earlier in the day.  The owner of an artisan market down in Indianapolis contacted me via my Etsy shop and mentioned that she liked my work.  She wanted to know if I’d be interested in selling there.  I returned her email and we discussed commission, what pieces she wanted, etc. I quickly realized what an incredible opportunity this will be for me.  Since New Year’s Day I’ve been creating as much as possible for my upcoming trip down there next weekend.



I am still on Week 5 of C25K because I’ve made painting my priority over the last few days and haven’t had much energy to do anything else.  My friend Laurie emailed me a couple of weeks ago (I promise I will write soon, Laurie!) who is an avid runner and running coach.  When she read in my post that I was doing C25K she asked what/when was my target race.  I wanted to reply with a grown-up, sophisticated answer but honestly, I have absolutely no idea what that means.  The app I’m using is so basic it gives no additional information, so here is my extremely unsophisticated, very green answer to that question: 

When I hear the ‘DING’ sound, I run.  When it dings again, I walk. (hands over eyes)


Today I took a break from creating note cards and went down to do my last run for Week 5 and I took note of what rolls across my treadmill screen after each workout.  Including my walking intervals I’m averaging a 14 minute mile.  I have no idea if this is good or bad but I do know this: I am running at 5 mph for 7 minutes straight and that’s better than what I was averaging before my surgery. 


(Attention grabbing photo number two):


I am showing that treadmill who’s boss! Well, maybe not yet – but it’s coming; I can feel it!



So, this last photo has nothing to do with anything really, but since you’ve read this far I decided to reward you with a piece of information that I’ve never shared on my blog before – EVER: 

I’d like you to meet Gustav: 

(Attention grabbing photo number three):


Pardon the water stains on the aquarium glass and please marvel at his sweet self, instead. Didn’t know I had another male in my life, did you?  We’ve been together for about a year and a half, now.  He’s looking pretty excited because he’s getting a bigger home soon.  He’s completely outgrown his little tank and is more than ready to move up to the East Side.  (See?  Sometimes even mundane posts can unveil magical pieces of information!)  lol

Oh, and for those of you who wonder ‘why the name Gustav?’  he’s named after one of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt.  You might recognize one of his more famous paintings:


The Kiss


That’s about it for today.  I’m going to be painting for the rest of the week with a couple of much needed yoga classes tucked in there somewhere to help keep me centered.  I’ll look forward to meeting you back here on Thursday for our first Group Therapy Day of the HL Challenge. 



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  1. Brenda says:

    Gustav made your post very feng shui lol..congrats on getting back with your c25k!

    • Ellen says:

      Brenda, you are very kind, indeed. I appreciate that more than, ‘What – that’s it?? A FISH???’ lol

      • Brenda says:

        aww Gustav is cute, he deserves returning visits to the blog..I forgot to add how old I feel when the best songs of the 80’s are now on the oldies/classic stations..I guess in my mind the 80’s and big hair (oh how I miss that) were just a few years back lol

  2. Poor Gustav…featured like a mere afterthought, like he’s some dirty little secret. Really, Ellen!

    Woo-hoo on the gallery contact! That’s exciting! (Maybe Gustav could go on the trip with you, just so he knows he’s truly loved?)

    :) :) :)

    • Ellen says:

      I know, he looks so abused, doesn’t he, Cammy? He and the dogs are all mere afterthoughts around here. lol
      Thanks for the kind words regarding my art ‘debut’! I’m very excited, but my husband is even more so. He thinks that soon he’ll be a kept man and can quit his job! Ah, what a dreamer, that one!

  3. I am laughing hysterically at the idea of being in a nursing home and asking the sing-a-long guy to play “Rebel Yell.” Or “Whip It” (I said whip it good). Bwahahahahaha!

    • Ellen says:

      I know, right? I can just see my husband doing the air-drum solo on ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins. He’ll be using his cane as a drumstick! lol

  4. Sharon says:

    Wow, totally excited about the gallery opportunity. Will be anxious to hear how your trip goes. What an incredible shot in the arm for your confidence. I so hope that all works out. If you think people consider the 80s “oldies,” think what it’s like for those of us whose era was the 70s?? LOL!

    • Ellen says:

      Thank you, Sharon! It’s more of an artisan market where everything that’s sold is made by local artists across the state. I am getting a big chunk of space to sell, though. The owner is looking for me to bring 25 paintings, among other things. (Yikes!!)

  5. Kyra says:

    One of my very favorite paintings! Wait, which app beeps at you time wise? I need that…

    • Ellen says:

      Hi, Kyra! The app that beeps when you walk and run is called ‘Ease Into 5K’. It’s pretty basic but I like the fact that I can toggle between music and the app without it crashing, and you can hear the ding sound right through the music so you never get interrupted.

  6. didi says:

    That’s exciting that you’ll be selling your art in a store. Having items sell in shops always makes me feel all happy. I really can’t wait until I have enough stock to fill up a ten by ten canopy tent, so I can take the show on the road. Have you thought about doing that?
    Gustav looks happy in there. My fella and I created a water game last summer called “Gustav Ball” that involved a rubber octopus that squirts water. (He named the octopus Gustav) We swam a lot last summer and wanted to play a water sport, but neither of us know the rules of water polo. Why aren’t there more water games?

    • Ellen says:

      I could totally see you going on the road with your goods, Didi. You should definitely do that. I have thought about it but have done both craft shows and art fairs in the past and they weren’t my thing. That being said, I was doing painted furniture at the time, so maybe I was just not in my element. I might try again – sure would be easier to lug things around this time. lol

  7. vickie says:

    Are you doing major hamstring stretches to protect your lower back after you run? I take my strap into every class and after the class is over (I have done the stretches we did in class) I do additional hamstring stretches. Makes a great deal of difference. My husband who does not have back issues, but has very tight hamstrings, was skipping stretching after the treadmill and started having lower back pain because of it.

    • Ellen says:

      I have been doing an all-over body stretch – mostly yoga stretching – after running, but I haven’t been specifically focusing on hamstrings. I will start doing that – thanks, Vickie. I never know how long this ride will last….maybe I’ll be able to continue, maybe not. It will all be up to my back in the end.

  8. Hanlie says:

    I still play Duran Duran often!

    I’m thrilled about your gallery contact. Good luck!

  9. goodnuff says:

    Hey lady, Just want you to know I’m still lurking around.
    Congrats on selling in a shop, how exciting.
    Oh lord, 80’s is the oldies huh? Crap. I think I felt my first wrinkle pop out after reading that.
    I see the eager anticipation of a new home in Gustav’s eye!

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