Vacation and Sleep Mode

Sleep has not been my friend lately, so this post is likely to be a little short.  Perhaps a bit incoherent.  Definitely not as riveting as my recent vomit story.   I apologize in advance. 

Much of my sleep disturbance is likely hormone related; however, I have a furry, little 4-legged friend who has been getting me up between 2 and 3 every morning for the past couple of weeks in desperate need to go outside.  Her inner clock has been off since the time change.  

She doesn’t look like the type that would wake her owner in the middle of the night, does she? 


A year and a half ago, this little sweetheart was too afraid to allow us to pet her on her backside.  Now, she’s feeling pretty darned comfortable in her forever home.  Somehow though, I must figure out a way to get her to sleep through the night.  Working on that. 

Craig is on vacation this week so I’ve decided to take a break from painting and blogging, however if something magically exciting happens, you’ll be the first to know.  Otherwise, I hope you all have a great week!



10 thoughts on “Vacation and Sleep Mode

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I feel your pain. My furry pet-sitting client from this past weekend liked to take an wee hours stroll through the backyard, but only if I would go with her. I was afraid for her NOT to go out, so I bundled up and stood on a freezing patio at 2 a.m. The things we do for $$$ and clean carpet.

    enjoy your week off, Ellen! Here’s hoping there’s no vomit!

    1. Ellen Post author

      Thank you, sweet Cammy. You are a dear to comment on this post. Last night she slept through! The trick was staying up as late as we could and letting her out right before lights out. She didn’t get me up until 7 this morning. And you’re right – that fine line between ‘will she or won’t she’ is maddening. If I don’t let her out, I’ll just lay there and worry about her going inside. Sigh.

  2. Roxie

    She’s pretty ungrateful, isn’t she? ;-). Ah, sleep issues – territory I know well. Like with many other things, I’m just leaning in and accepting it as a fact of life for me right now and somehow, that seems to help. Have a wonderful time on Craig’s vacation – and send HIM out with the dog :-)

  3. goodnuff

    Oh how I can relate this week. The Pig has started in with a cough this week that has woken me up several times. I can hardly be mad because I think it’s my fault for pulling on his leash too hard when he was trying to gobble up umm, something unmentionable, in the parking lot.

    1. Ellen Post author

      Emmie loves those unmentionables, too. And when her snout is filled with those, um….exotic scents – it’s like trying to pull a horse away from a carrot.

  4. teresa

    too big for a litter box, huh?
    that is nuts. My own, not so furry one gets me up too. Only she makes me carry her! Harumph.
    Have a fun week with your fella.

  5. Hanlie

    I was just thinking about Emmie earlier when I saw a video on Youtube about the laboratory beagles who were rescued and had their first experience of walking on grass. I shed a tear or two…

    I hope she settles into a new routine soon! Enjoy your time with Craig.

  6. Val

    Ha! & here I have to roust Chihuahuas from my nice warm bed every morning now that chillier weather has arrived…
    My Big Dawgs get up & about much more easily, but since my carpets are already ruined, I don’t stress about it as much :-(


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