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   Oct 17

Let’s celebrate National Love Your Body Day

It seems like every day is an official day to celebrate something.  Do you celebrate National Donut Day?  (It is on the first Friday of June, by the way). 

How about National Potato Day?

National Vodka Day?

Well, today happens to be a day that all of us should be celebrating.  October 17th is National Love Your Body Day — a day when women of all sizes, colors, ages and abilities come together to celebrate self-acceptance and to promote positive body image.

I encourage you to share one unique, beautiful, positive thing about your body in my comments section below; then celebrate with me by holding that thought close to your heart for the remainder of the day because you, my lovely readers, are the most beautiful people I know. 

I’ll start:

What I love about my body: it is resilient and tough.  It’s shown me that it is able to recover from a major surgery and as long as I take care of it, it will do its best to return the favor.

Who’s next?

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  1. I love that my body is strong on the inside and soft on the outside.

  2. didi says:

    What I love about my body: My hips and legs and butt have always been curvy and shapely, and never small and thin, but I have always loved them no matter what my weight was. My legs feel so strong and powerful, and sometimes I feel like if I needed to I could sprint off into the sky. I love the curve of my hips, and the way my ass looks in jeans. There has not been a single moment when I felt that my thighs needed to be smaller (and they are plenty big). I have always accepted my butt, legs, thighs, and hips as my own. I’ve loved them for being uniquely mine, and appreciated them as being womanly. “Those curves make me look like a love goddess,” I would think to myself while gazing in a mirror. When walking I can appreciate the feel of my muscles, and I can appreciate how well my lower half functions.
    Because of my love for the lower half of my body, I have high hopes that I can have this same love and appreciation for the upper half!!

  3. Vickie says:

    I love that if I take care of my mind and my body and my spirit, the rewards are unlimited. It is amazing how much, self care, can achieve.

    • Norma says:


      It kind of bugs me when people (women) use the verb “to love” (their bodies) as, I don’t know, an excuse to not try to do better for themselves? It’s a passive love, accepting things “as is.” To me, the verb “to love” my body means to treat it with respect, to feed it properly, exercise it vigorously and make things happen that make my body stronger and healthier.

      If you mean which of my physical features do I love? I love my face, not because I think I’m some spectacular beauty, but because every time I look in a mirror, I see both my parents and I remember that I am made up of all those who came before me. I still thrill at the sight of my collarbone, shrouded in fat for so many years, and the feel of my hip bones, lost under blubber for far too long as well. I got great teeth from my father and killer calves (which were spared the fat, miraculously) from my mother. And for abilities…I’m freakishly strong “for an old chick,” because I train like a beast and every time I get close to a goal I raise the bar a little.

  4. Kyra says:

    I tend to celebrate the major holidays. All the other “days” just blur together, it’s always something-day or week or awareness whatever.

    I like my wrists. They’re the only petite thing I have, and I get to see them all the time! :)

  5. teresa says:

    arms for hugging.

  6. Val says:

    Ha, OK so this is a good chance to brag…
    Yesterday I had my first half-hour session w/personal trainer, trying to jump-start my enthusiasm for exercise again…
    He put me through a fairly strenuous session of bench presses, upright rows of several varieties, dumbbells & bands. I really expected to be a lot more sore today, so perhaps my condition has slipped as badly as I’d feared.
    We’re going to be meeting once a week for 8 wks. Right now I don’t enjoy monitoring my form in those mirrors, but hopefully the more iron I shift, the more pleased I’ll be 😉 !

  7. Vicki says:

    The reason I love my body is much the same as yours. Four years ago I had to have my colon removed and I thought my life would never be the same. It was a difficult road but this old body kept plugging along getting a little better every day. Now four years later, I feel better than new and have been doing the Couch to 5 K program for two months at age 53!!

  8. LauraJayne says:

    I love my arms now that I’ve gained weight. They are strong and toned and I feel like I can lift anything.

  9. Hanlie says:

    My body is very forgiving. There is a lesson in there… Also, I love that my body can heal itself, given the right tools.

  10. My body houses my soul. How could I not love it? :-)

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