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Life beyond the loss.

   Apr 25

When I was little…

I so enjoyed Karen’s version that I had to follow with my own trip down memory lane.  If you feel like playing along, I’d love to read some of your answers to any or all of the questions below.


Haircut courtesy of the local beauty college.


I wanted to grow up to: run my own rescue sanctuary for mistreated Circus animals.

I refused to eat: school cafeteria mashed potatoes.  You could lift the whole thing off your plate with one stab of a fork.  We weren’t allowed to go out for recess until we cleaned our plate, so I‘d fling my ball of potatoes under the cafeteria table. 

My favorite thing to do outside was: get an empty egg carton from my Mom, sit in the alley behind our house and search for pet rocks.  I’d line the compartments with toilet paper and place a rock in each one until all 12 sections were filled.  When it was nap time, I’d close the lid.  To this day whenever my husband and I go on vacation, I have to bring home a rock to place in my garden. 

I thought that Santa was: Scary!  I liked the idea of Santa, but was too shy and afraid to visit him at Christmastime.  I much preferred the thought of him tiptoeing  in and out of the house unnoticed.  There is only one photo of me sitting on his lap:



I must have wanted something pretty badly that year to talk to the Man himself!  

I was the: Shyest kid there ever was.  Whenever we were at an adults house and I saw a candy dish, I’d walk over to my Mom and whisper in her ear to ask if I could have a piece of candy.   I think I must have unintentionally created the phrase, ‘Children should be seen and not heard.’ 

I got into trouble when: I rarely got into trouble.  I was always a rule follower, so my parents never had too much trouble out of me.  However, if I ever said a swear word in front of my mother, I’d get into trouble.  Even today she still scolds me if I let one slip!

My favorite food was:  (typing quickly) Donuts.  What are you, new?  lol   My father would occasionally take me to the local donut shop and we’d sit at the counter eating donuts.  I’d have milk and he’d have coffee.  We’d sit in silence because we really didn’t know each other very well (Dad worked a lot of hours) but it was just us and that was special to me.

My favorite toy was: my growing Snoopy collection.  My Dad gave me my first stuffed Snoopy when I was 5, and from then on I started collecting anything and everything Snoopy. 

My favorite memory as a child:  When my mother wrote Charles Schulz (creator of Peanuts) and told him what a big fan I was.  He wrote back with a letter and a signed Peanuts book.  My Mom came outside where I was sitting and told me that I had a package from someone special.  When I opened it, I started to cry.  That was the best moment ever. 

I hated it when my Mom:  combed knots from my long hair.  To this day I cringe when my hairdresser washes or combs out my hair. 

My very first record was: a single by the Police, called ‘Spirits in the Material World’.  I played that song over and over again – then again, that was probably because it was the only record I had. 

On family vacations we used to go to:  My grandparents house in Kentucky.  I would help feed the baby goats and watch my grandpa gather honey from his bee hives.  There were always chickens roaming around the yard.  I named them and pretended they were my pets.  I noticed one went missing right before supper.  On the table was fried chicken.  I vowed at that very moment I’d be a vegetarian for the rest of my life.  I refrained from eating any meat whatsoever for about 15 hours.  The smell of homemade sausage gravy and biscuits woke me the next morning. 

My Sign-of-the-Times favorite outfit was: A blue and white striped t-shirt with yellow floral pants.  Creating new trends, 70’s style:


Your turn!

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  1. Roxie says:

    You were (and still are) fully made of adorable!

  2. OMG I love those pants!!! There is a Jewish tradition that you would love – you leave a small stone on the headstone of a grave when you visit.

    • We often visit the famous Bonaventure Cemetery when in Savannah, GA. It’s always so beautiful to go through the huge Jewish section and see the many, many stones — of all shapes, colors, and sizes — on the headstones.

  3. Sharon says:

    You are still the same gorgeous adult that you were as a child. It’s reflected in your face then and now!

  4. I collect rocks too!! And the hair combing was never fun for me, either! Thanks for sharing…I love learning about people this way!

  5. I love this post, what a great idea.

  6. Ellen, you are tooo freaking adorable! Then and now. Thank you for sharing your special memories with us. :)

    I wonder if I am scarring my own daughter’s head every single day by brushing her hair. There are so many tangles. I know how much she hates it when I brush it. :(

  7. Val says:

    I may or may not have mentioned, my grandfather raised fancy bantams when I was a kid, imparting his love of poultry & horses to me…
    When I was 10, we set aside 5 (ordinary) roosters so I could not make pets of ’em, “processed” ’em when they were about 12 wks old… I helped w/the feather-plucking so I knew what it was all about – even though I had to force myself to try it, that is the best chicken I’ve ever eaten!
    (Still, if I had to slaughter my own meat, I would be mostly vegetarian. I can’t even catch the fish out of my pond!)

  8. I LOVED learning all of this about you – I officially want to do it too!

  9. Adorable!!! We have some similarities. 😉

  10. Jill says:

    Love it!!! Do you still have the signed Snoopy book? How cool is that!!!!

  11. Norma says:

    Love love LOVE the Charles Schultz story!

  12. You were one stylin’ kid! :)

    I had hair down to my waist as a child, and de-knottifying it was awful!

  13. Love those pants!!!

    Rocks can be so beautiful. I have some rocks sitting on a shelf with my special stuff — each has a very different, special meaning.

  14. Jan says:

    How fun to get more of a glimpse into your life. I love learning about people. These were fun to read!

  15. Tim says:

    haha love these facts!

    Here’s a fact about me as a child:

    I used to go to my friends house and his Mum used to always make us cheese sandwiches. I didn’t like them and used to keep them in my pockets for the whole day. My mum used to then find them after my washing was pulled out the washing machine!

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