For Your Enjoyment: Eye Candy and Music

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  While yesterday was my dreaded surgical consultation regarding my impending surgery, I‘m finding myself unable to write about it just yet as I’m still processing a lot of the information from my appointment.  Sleep was not in last night’s plan, apparently due to the inability to turn the days events off in my head so I’m a bit foggy this morning.  For today, I thought I’d share something lighthearted, like my trip to Chicago this past weekend. 

Colin Hay’s concert on Saturday was worth every penny spent in parking fees (for those of you who haven’t been to Chicago lately, paying to park your vehicle in the city is kind of like being drained of your blood by a vampire)  He arrived on stage promptly at 8 PM and the show didn’t end until after 10. 

There’s something about listening to an artist perform without a band.  The amazing acoustical sound of a guitar and nothing else.  Colin played a song from one of his more recent albums which quickly became my favorite of the evening.  I was able to find a video of him performing it (elsewhere) on YouTube.  You can give it a listen while you’re reading the rest of the post, if you’d like.  Consider it your Mood Music for the Day Smile


Lovely song to hear live.




My husband and I stayed at the new Radisson Blu Hotel (thank you for the sweet deal, Groupon.)  Here is what the outside of the hotel looks like:



Staying at The Radisson Blu reminded me of that old cartoon The Jetsons.   

All that was missing was Rosie the Robot Housekeeper.



Here’s a couple of photos of the bar. 


The photo on the left was taken from the table we were sitting at in the bar.  The all glass tabletops have flameless tea light candles underneath; small lights hang from the ceiling.  The entire bar was decked out in highly polished silver, gold and white.  



The lobby had a fireplace along the entire wall, lit with small flames down the entire length of it.  Beautiful vases of pink lilies lined every table.  The vases looked as though they were hovering above the glass. 

No photos of our room, but it had some pretty funky furniture and futuristic doors.  They hung from some sort of pulley system and glided back and forth, closing one area while unveiling another. 


Definitely the most visually interesting hotel I’ve ever stayed at.  The only downside was the fact that we could hear every little noise outside our room.  It was though we were hosting a party that we hadn’t been invited to.  The ice machine was steps away and the elevators were within feet of our door.  Should you ever decide to stay at this particular hotel, be sure to ask for a room that is NOT located within this obvious party zone. 

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I will be spending the remainder of my week getting various pre-operative tests out of the way and figuring out potential dates for surgery.  Tell me, if you had to have major surgery, what time of year would you consider the least intrusive?  Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

30 thoughts on “For Your Enjoyment: Eye Candy and Music

  1. Karen@WaistingTime

    I had mine in January. I couldn’t do any exercise at all for 6 weeks after. I guess I’d rather be restricted when the weather is bad.

    I get the mind thing. I have been really struggling with sleep lately over this whole job. Wish I could shut off my brain sometimes. Wish it didn’t sometimes shut itself off when I need it!

    1. Ellen Post author

      I just know you’ll love your new job, Karen. Once you get started, everything else will fade away. Isn’t that always how it is? Waiting is the worst part. It gives us time to obsess!

  2. E. Jane

    I once had surgery in March, which worked out well. By the time the weather was good in Minnesota, I was also good to go.

    I also struggled with sleep last night, but I think it’s the return to DST. I don’t do well with that. It may take me a while to get back in the groove.

    Loved the music and the photos. What an interesting and fun place to stay! Have a great week!

    1. Ellen Post author

      I actually asked for a March date. No can do, they said. Six week recovery so I’m still waiting for a date that won’t interfere with my summer.
      DST wrecks havoc on my husband’s sleep. It always hits me worse in the Fall.
      Thanks for your comment. I hope the rest of your week goes well, too!

  3. debby

    Yes, with all my vast surgical experience, I did think the fall was a good time to have it done. Didn’t need to lug firewood. It was not too hot, not too cold. No major holidays or travel time was interrupted. That said, many of the nurses I used to work with would schedule their surgeries for mid-November so they would have all the holidays off that year. Crummy way to spend the holidays, if you ask me.

    1. Ellen Post author

      Fall is sounding good to me, Debby. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m stalling or if I really want to wait until then, though. Mid-November sounds terrible. Unless you were an anti-social person looking for a solid excuse to get out of family/work gatherings!

  4. KCLAnderson (Karen)

    Thanks for such lovely music and photos :-) Glad the weekend was what you needed it to be.

    I had major-ish surgery (gall bladder removed laparoscopically) in May of 2004. I would think that spring or fall (not too hot or too cold) would be ideal. And spring, at least to me, seems like a healing time…

    1. Ellen Post author

      I’m with you, Karen. There’s something about the summer just not sounding so great. We wait all winter for summer to get here; I can do plenty of sitting around when summer is over. Thank you for your two cents on this. I appreciate it :)

  5. Jenn @ Cooking Aweigh the Pounds

    LOL, The Jetsons was my favorite cartoon growing up. I think I’d have a blast at that hotel! What a fun weekend getaway!

    I’ve never had major surgery before (knock on wood), but if I had a choice, I’d chose spring or fall. Spring seems like a good time for renewal/rebirth of the new self. Fall is a good time since all the summer fun had been had. :)

    1. Ellen Post author

      Yay! Someone who remembers The Jetsons! lol
      You’ve never had major surgery? Me, neither. This will be my first. Summer I think is definitely out unless test results tell me otherwise. Fingers crossed!

  6. Val

    Heh. I had my thyroidectomy in June, my follow-up surgery in April… I can’t profess any particular seasonal preference!
    I guess I would vote for warmer weather “just because” – easier to regulate body temp, how’s that?

  7. munchberry

    Weird. Yesterday I woke up thinking about whether or not you had been to the doctor.

    Time of the year? ASA I could get my head around doing it and get it scheduled. You are going to live life as is waiting for the temp to be right? Come summer you will be up and rolling.

    The hotel looks like it is coming out of cloaking. Or maybe like Aliens are trying to take it over. It disturbs me. On the other hand I adore that fireplace. I guess the aliens bring something good with their takeover.

    1. Ellen Post author

      It is a great fireplace, isn’t it? The rest though…Meh.
      I have some tests coming up this week. The results of those will let me know if I get the pleasure of choosing my surgery date or if my doctor chooses it for me.

  8. Jan

    I’m so sorry you’re still in a fog from yesterday. I can’t imagine it’s anything easy to swallow. I’m continuing to pray for you as your week continues and as you pinpoint a date.

    Thanks for sharing your Chicago trip with us. I’m enjoying Colin right now. :) Your hotel looks so cool! I’ve never seen anything like it. What fun to stay in a Jetson building. LOL!

    As for your question, I would pick winter (as I’m not outside enjoying things anyway, so I wouldn’t feel like I’m stuck inside healing when there’s something to do outside).

    1. Ellen Post author

      Jan, you are a prayer warrior! Thank you :)
      I’m just like you when it comes to feeling like there’s always something to do outside when the weather is warmer. I’d hate to waste it by not being able to do the things I want. I should know more early next week about an actual date.

  9. teresa

    The outside of that hotel is nuts!!! SO cool. I love staying at a nice hotel.
    I wish you peace as you process all the information from your doctor.
    Big hugs!!

    1. Ellen Post author

      From what I’ve read about that hotel, it’s the only one like it in America. They are pretty popular over in Europe. The outside IS nuts, isn’t it?? And it was designed by a woman!

  10. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Wow, swanky! And I do understand the parking situation. I paid as much to park my car for a day at the Hilton than my hotel room in the suburbs cost. :)

    Back when I had surgery on my pinky toes, I idiotically scheduled it for the week before Thanksgiving. I’m not sure why I thought going through the holidays in funky boots was a good idea, not to mention that I couldn’t exercise intensely until the first week of the new year. I made it through with only a net half-pound gain, but that was one miserable holiday season. :)

    1. Ellen Post author

      now, THAT does stink, Cammy. Parking is where they always get you!!
      I’m impressed that you only gained that little amount – what discipline you have. Really. And over the holidays, too. I’m definitely not going to schedule mine around any holidays. I may need some tips on how you were able to maintain without being able to move as much. Will let you know as the date gets closer.

  11. Goodnuff

    Do you live near Chicago? I’m not too far away if so, just up in Wisconsin.
    That hotel looks pretty cool, even swanky, maybe too swanky for me. I love the fireplace!
    I liked winter for my surgeries. I had thought s
    Ring would be nice but I can not tell you how depressed I would be to feel like hell just when the weather is getting better. I felt much worse (tired) than i expected all three times. But I would take into consideration weather conditions and if you’ll have to waddle on ice to get to appointments. I was so afraid of falling and having my buttocks repair rip wide open thankfully I have an attached garage so it wasn’t too bad.

    1. Ellen Post author

      I live in Indiana – about 2 hours away from Chicago. It’s probably smack in the middle between us, I bet! I totally get your thoughts on feeling lousy as the weather is getting better. Spring is my favorite time of year and I always long for summer. Recuperating for 6 weeks just in time to rake leaves doesn’t sound very appealing. I have tests coming up this week which will give me a better idea as to when I’ll need to get this over with. If I can wait until September, I just hope I can get through summer without obsessing over it. Usually, when I make up my mind about something I want it over with so I can move on. This decision I’ve been avoiding for years, so I just hope things work out. Thank you so much for your thoughts and support over this particular topic, btw. It means a great deal to me.

  12. Jane

    I had a tumor the size of a honeydew in my uterus and had a hyster in June. I have central AC and live in Florida so this was the perfect time to do it. I do not workout outside in the summer anyway. I wore light clothing to have less on to irritate my incision. I had a gall bladder out back when the incision was 8 inches long (and I was 7 months pregnant) and that was spring. The one time I would not have surgery would be winter up north. Too much indoors too many germs – not enough fresh air. I hate the cold.

    1. Ellen Post author

      Jane – Oh, my goodness. You have been through the wringer, it sounds like – on both occasions. You brave woman, you.
      I hate the cold, too. Actually, hate is not a strong enough word. lol Very good point about being cooped up inside. I will take that into account. Thank you SO much for sharing your surgery stories!

  13. Marsial

    I generally don’t pay much attention to individuals’ names in bands, so when I watched your Colin Hay video I thought, “Wow! He sounds just like the singer from Men at Work!” duh……

    I wouldn’t personally care about the proper season to have a surgical procedure — if you’re suffering or just terribly uncomfortable, I would say the sooner the better. I had a D&C with ablation when I was 57. I had suffered from debilitating cramps since age 16, and at age 57 they were accompanied by weeks of daily heavy bleeding — no endometriosis, however. So in February, when temperatures were below zero, I welcomed the procedure, and it was wonderful just recuperating in my own bed for a couple of days, finally out of pain.

    Wishing you well with your many decisions, Ellen. We just went through a similar situation with Clint’s eye surgery (which I hope to blog about today or tomorrow). My vote is to get through it ASAP.


    1. Ellen Post author

      Hey! You recognized him! How funny. That’s generally how he is introduced EVERY time we see him in concert – like all of his fans need reminding of that! lol
      Marsial, I didn’t know you suffered from severe pain as well. No endo, though? I cannot imagine bleeding that heavily at 57 – I mean, come on – give women a break already.
      I have been told that I’ll be cut pretty wide – they will have to burn off all the endo along with the hysterectomy. Six week recovery – although I’m sure that’s probably a ‘playing it safe’ number. I certainly hope it doesn’t take that long. Thank you for your kind words and as always, your extraordinary support. Hugs.

  14. Jill

    What an amazing looking bar! I would love to have a drink there!
    I would choose Winter for surgery. I had mine in February. I tend to “hibernate” more in the winter- so it seems like the right time for me. My thoughts are with you as you are going through this anxiety provoking time!
    Have some tea, breath and think of me!! :)

  15. Denise

    I have not had the luxury of scheduling the surgeries I have had: my appendix was removed the day after Thanksgiving, which was not so bad, as the holiday swirl kind of went on around me and I don’t recall feeling that I was missing much. I was back to work in 10 days, although I was certainly not fully recovered (I was just too bored to stay home any longer). My C-section was exactly when it needed to be (and recovery was surprisingly easier than from the appendectomy, which I was not expecting).

    The 2 women I have been close to who have had hysterectomies were quite disappointed to discover that they were nowhere near recovered after 6 weeks, rather, it took one 6 months and the other nearly a year until they felt completely better. Both of them had been told by their doctors that recovery would take 6 weeks. I hope your experience will be different.


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