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   Jan 31

Final Farewell to The Hate-Loss Challenge

Self Reflection is one of the hardest things to do because we’re forced to stop and take a look at who we really are, both inside and out. We spent the month of January staring down our reflections and standing up for ourselves.  I am proud of what we’ve accomplished here this month and I hope you think so, too. 

Before we officially retire our HL Challenge badge for the year, I’d like to say:

….thanks to those who provided me with feedback (positive and negative) on what you liked and didn’t like about the Challenge.   Your comments will help shape next year’s challenge and make it even better. 

….congratulations to those of you who completed exercises that were especially difficult.

Just a few of the things that participants accomplished this month:

  • you committed yourself to setting dates that you’ve been avoiding.  One of you decided it was time for a major move to another state. 
  • you posted a vlog.
  • you treated yourselves to some very deserving things like new nail polish and massages. 
  • you performed random acts of kindness from helping your elderly neighbors to assisting strangers in picking out stationary, to driving 4 hours round trip in order to help out a friend in need. 
  • You realized that there is no perfect moment. You decided it was time for a long overdue portrait with a photographer; you let go of your long locks and gave yourself a short (and beautiful) new haircut.
  • you planted and nurtured a small, inner seed that grew every time you said to yourself, I am beautiful; I am worthy; I am remarkable.
  • you conquered some inner demons, let go of some bad memories and forgave yourself for past mistakes.  
  • you committed yourself to doing a challenge – and you despise challenges!


There is so much more I could write, but really, the main thing I want remembered is this: I hope you all move into the month of February – this month of love – respecting, appreciating and admiring yourselves half as much as I do you. 

Be proud of yourselves….



The comments section today will be left WIDE open for suggestions, questions, reactions, whatever you want to say about this Challenge.    Now is your time to take the platform and give me feedback on where we succeeded as well as where we dropped the ball. 

Would you like to see this challenge become a yearly event? 

Were the exercises too difficult?  Too easy? Too personal?  Right on target?

What did you like most about this Challenge?  What did you like least? 

Did you follow through with the daily affirmations?  Should we have dedicated more time to that topic or was it just enough? 


Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for being part of a great month here on my blog.  I couldn’t have done it without you Smile




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  1. teresa says:

    I think the exercises were just right. Hard, but so good and useful. I still have thoughts from the first week that I didn’t even post.
    I feel like what you’ve done here with this is the most productive challenge I’ve participated in. Lots of challenges are great for other reasons, even just for commaraderie sometimes.
    But this has been deeply therapeutic and interesting.
    I still want to finish reading all the participants posts and I know I’ll get even more out of those.
    You should definitely do it again next year!

  2. I really loved the challenge – although things were hard and I totally missed last week’s challenge, I felt like it came at the right time, when I realized that my ‘dreams’ might be in jeopardy.

    Just as important, I made new friends and reinforced current ones – which is SO important to me in my crazy crazy world where I think I don’t have time for anything or anyone!

  3. NewMe says:

    Although I didn’t participate as such in the challenge, I really enjoyed reading what you and your readers had to say. And BTW, I’ve been doing some random acts of kindness. We all need to.

    I say: do this challenge again next year!

  4. Julie says:

    I have to say that I did NOT follow through with the affirmations. I’ve always had a mental block about those and don’t really know what to do to get over it. But I did enjoy the weekly topics, and I enjoyed finding images/graphics on Pinterest to post on a daily basis to remind me. I guess those were some mini-affirmations.

    I really learned a lot, Ellen. Thank you for hosting. It’s a great thing!

  5. Hanlie says:

    I loved this Challenge. I blanched every Tuesday when you posted the assignments – they were hard! But that is exactly why they were so necessary and I am proud that I completed mine. I think I need to do more things that are hard…

    I liked reading what everybody else had to say – truth and insight galore.

    I sometimes felt that the time between Tuesday and Thursday was a bit short to really spend time with the assignment, but I just posted a day or two late in that case, so it’s not a major gripe.

    If you are up to hosting something similar again next year, I’d be most happy to take part again. You did an awesome job!

  6. HI Ellen. I think this was a fantastic challenge!!! People’s stories were inspiring. And I also think you are a superstar for hosting it!!!! Hope your February has started out well!!!!!

  7. Munchberry says:

    I think this challenge made me more mindful. I tend to “pffft” anything I do that is esteem worthy and examine closely and critically that which is ego crushing. I hope I can keep centered on figuring out what is hurtful/harmful and banish it, and what I can actively do to appreciate the finer points of me.

    And you know what else? Reading other people’s thoughts, what they are going thru during the challenge – you know you are not all together different from the rest. I had a few light bulbs go off in my head while reading other’s blogs. Thank you (and those ladies) for that.

  8. didi says:

    I thought that the challenge was really fantastic, and that it would be a great yearly event. There are some personal events going on in my life right now that made the last half of the challenge extremely difficult, but overall the challenge was positive and helpful.
    I didn’t post for the final week of the challenge yet, but dang it- I am doing it now. :) (Last week was pretty tough on me emotionally)

  9. Goodnuff says:

    You know I thought it was fabulous. Your challenge encouraged me to do a lot of things that I had been contemplating, I needed that push. The fact that it brought me new blogging friends was a huge bonus!

  10. Cindy says:

    I thought the challenge was a perfect way to start the year. It also came at just the right time during my weight loss journey. My progress since September has been very slow. My tendency would have been to try to go all out again with the beginning of the year, but the truth is I wasn’t feeling it. The challenge helped me take a step back and look at the bigger issues. As a result, I’m feeling focused and inspired again. Thank you so much, Ellen.


  11. joy says:

    Really proud of everyone who completed it.

    Keep focused!

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  13. Paula says:

    I loved this challenge. It made me start to view myself and my life in a positive light. I practiced my daily affirmations each day and I still do. I want to keep this positive feeling going. Of course I will and do have bad days, but I see the good more often. I thought the weekly challenges were tough, but good. I overcame a few things along the way that I am so grateful for. It is like a new chapter opening up. Keep the blog and the challenges going. You’ve got a fan now.

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