Like, this is a totally righteous clothing post

Clothes are kind of like language.  They are forever evolving.  I remember my first day of high school. By the end of the day I became fully educated on which jeans were the ‘IT’ jeans to have.

Can you believe that teenagers begged and pleaded with their parents for this style of jean, which they wouldn’t be caught dead in now (I think these are now referred to as ‘Mom Jeans’)  I owned neither of these pairs of jeans, nor did I own the Izod short sleeved shirts that you were supposed to layer one on top of the other – collars up of course. 

By the time I entered college, my wardrobe didn’t matter much.  I spent 75% of my time in the art department and what you wore was based on what class you were taking.  Painting?  You could get by with a slightly better look in that class because you wore a smock over your clothes.  Photography and Interior Design?  Now, these college kids dressed for success.  What was I wearing for pottery class and graphic design?  Easy: worn out jeans with holes in the knees and Genesis T-shirts (graphic design wasn’t necessarily messy, but I was too lazy to change clothes between classes). 

As I became heavier and heavier I swapped my old jeans for sweatpants.  Like, that was a rockin’ wardrobe – fer sure!  lol

By the time I finished college I weighed over 200 pounds and every time I walked the mall I’d stop at The Limited, where I fantasized about being able to wear such clothes.  I think they catered to a maximum size of 12 if I remember correctly.  So, I applied for a credit card at Lane Bryant and shopped there for years when I needed something stylish.  Still, it wasn’t the same.  At that time, all plus sized clothing was labeled muumuu clothing.  In other words, extremely oversized, non form-fitting, and LOUD.  Most of the time you could find me shopping at the Goodwill, or in the men’s section of Wal-Mart:  sweatshirts and sweatpants.  All the better to hide your fat, my pretty!  Or, so I thought. 

When I finally hit my 130’s I went into The Limited and looked around. I was excited beyond reason because I’d had this vision in my head that I would finally feel like I ‘belonged there.’  But you know what?  All of the clothes were too dressy for me.  I was working with handicapped adults and children and still painting.  What was I going to do with a satin top and pressed trousers? 

Ah, well.  Live and learn, right? 

Now that I’m quickly approaching 42 I wear whatever I want.  I still have no need to dress up so I don’t visit The Limited, but sometimes I wish I did.  My sister works in a hospital and she is always dressed like a true professional.  I own one nice dress – if you don’t count my wedding dress, that is. 

If you happen to enjoy Limited clothing but aren’t the appropriate size, I am here with good news!!  The Limited has a new line of clothing out for Plus-sized women and they are planning on opening stores all across the country at some point.  Their website is called eloquii by The Limited and they specialize in sizes from 14 – 24.  Some really nice, tailored looks there. The prices look reasonable, too.   The best part:  free shipping AND free returns.  Check it out, if you’re interested.   

Just don’t expect to see any parachute pants there.  Or legwarmers.  Or door-knocker earrings (ooh, remember those?)

Have a totally rad day, everyone.  See you back here tomorrow for group therapy. 




16 thoughts on “Like, this is a totally righteous clothing post

  1. Sabrina

    I work for Macy’s and clothing is still very much a language. At the very least, media makes it seem like a way of life.

    BTW- I still have leg warmers that I adore!

  2. Karen@WaistingTime

    One of my all time fav pairs of jeans came from the limited probably in the early or mid 80s. I was thin at the time I wore them. The tore below the knee in the days before it was fashionable to have holes in your jeans. But, what did me in was one day putting my foot into the leg and hitting the hole and ripping it all to heck.

    When I was in junior high school I soooo wanted a pair of Levis. That was in then. And I remember Calvin Klein jeans:)

  3. KCLAnderson (Karen)

    Thanks for a trip down memory lane…

    Some fashion memories from my era:

    bellbottoms and earth shoes (7th & 8th grade)
    goucho pants and frye boots (high school)
    Levis corduroys and fair isle sweaters (high school)
    the preppy look (high school and first year of college)
    the punk/hippie/early 80s look (the rest of college)

  4. Jenn @ Cooking Aweigh the Pounds

    This made me think of my childhood styles too:
    Elementary school = International News sweatshirts, curled bangs, Aqua Net and Tight Rolled Jeans
    Jr High = LA Gear shoes and Parachute Pants
    High School = Ripped Jeans and bodysuit tops

    I like to think I wear classic clothes now, but I wonder how dorky I’ll look in pictures 15 or 20 years from now. :)

  5. Val

    Greetings, fellow Child of the 80′s ;-) !
    We used to haunt The Limited – ah, those were the days when my folks would give me a $20 bill & turn me loose at the mall for the day…
    (I never had designer jeans OR Izods; I was a Lee cowgirl)

  6. Michele @ Within Reach

    Such good timing!! I had a jeans issue last night that, at Karen’s suggestion, I think I’m going to turn into a blog post for this week or next week.

    Jordache jeans!! Ellen, I cried for them in 6th grade until my mom bought them for me! And I was so cool with my Jordache jeans, Izod polo with collar up of course, and those brown and white Dexter shoes — with no socks!! Oh, and the legs of the jeans had to be rolled up and tapered. And I had these silly butterfly clips in my hair.

    So funny!! Memories… sitting in the bleachers during lunch singing Madonna songs with the group.

  7. Jan

    I laughed at this post. I can relate to it very well. By the time you get to your dream size to wear those dream clothes, they’re not very dreamy anymore, are they? :)

    I’m one up on you. I don’t own a single dress at all….at….all. :)

    Thanks for the sister store to The Limited for plus size people. My sister is a size 20 and her goal is to go from size 20 to 12 in 2012. I think that’s a pretty fun goal to think about. I’d love to give her the gift of some fitted clothes (that aren’t from Wal-Mart and look like that are), so will be checking out this site. Thanks!

  8. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Oh fine, NOW The Limited has plus-sized clothes!

    I’m with Jan–not a single dress or skirt in sight. I have 7 pairs of jeans and, I think, an equal number of sweat pants. Oh and a couple pairs of “nice” black slacks. :)

  9. Tee

    It’s definitely worth at least signing up for Eloquii’s mailing list. Their full prices can be ouch but they have some good sales and other offers sometimes. I’m still losing weight and in a 14/16 top now, started in a 26/28. I try not to spend too much on the in between clothes, but I like the ogle the sales.

    A few weeks ago they did this thing where they sent $25 credit codes to people that were on their mailing list that hadn’t ordered anything yet to try and nudge them to give their stuff a try. It happened to be on a day where everything was 50% off the site. I got a really cute sweater with free shipping for $2.45. It was a little thinner than expected so I had to wear a cami under it but hard to complain for that price!

  10. Greg (Transformed and Scaled)

    Oh man, the stories I could tell about how fashion and I avoided even making eye contact with one another. I think I’ve really only had any sense of fashion since I’ve been with my wife. She’s actually got a sense of style. My biggest fashion faux pas while I was big was thinking that layers would hide my size. Umm, no…

  11. Jill

    Where were the plus sized Limited clothes when I needed them??? LOL! Thanks for taking me down memory lane. I can still hear my parachute pants going swish, swish, swish as my thighs rubbed together!!! :) I still remember doing Jane Fonda (and the accompanying leg warmers) in my basement praying it would make my legs just a little leaner so I could shop at all the cool stores!!!

  12. vickie

    bit topic at yoga, for many weeks, is where to find the best leg warmers (thick and stay up properly). the main stream might not wear them, but big in yoga land. And even Target carries them.

  13. Munchberry

    Seriously… I still wear mom jeans. I do because that is what I have. You know what? Those high risers around the waist – deep breath – are coming back into style. Ha HAR! I knew if I held on to my old 80′s clothing (gag) they would one day again be in style. Now if only Dittos would make a comeback.

    An aside – I went regular clothes store shopping not too long ago and while it felt good to see pants NOT equipped with hidden waist expanders – I was sort of over the “yep, I am back in the real store” feeling pretty quickly. One thing I am anxious to do is to go to a real store to buy bras. BIG bras have to be purchased online (at least out my way). I think I may finally be close to a D. CLOSE!

  14. Tim

    Fashion? I’ve never heard of that word before!

    I’ve never been into fashionable trends although there have been odd moments when I wished I was. When I was a teenager, my Grandad, in his 80s, once told me that he loved my jumper. Straight away I knew I was a fashion victim!

  15. Sable@SquatLikeALady

    I’m just sayin’….my mom takes SUPER good care of her clothes and hasn’t changed size much in the past 30 years, and she still has some rockin’ plus-size-ladies-fashions from the early 80s that she actually wears. To work. Daily.

    Maybe I should have her do a fashion post :D

    But seriously — YAY for nice clothes for plus sizes. Finally. Jeebus. Now can we get some non-old-lady styles for the petites in JC Penney?!

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