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   Aug 08

Moving Mountains: It’s August, Already!!



Can someone please show me where the brakes are so I can slow this month down a bit?  This is our LAST Moving Mountains Update before Fall!  Pick your goals carefully, this month.  If you’re like me, you’ll want to go out with a bang!



A big thanks to the twelve dedicated people who decided to post their goals here on FGWT for the month of July.  You can read their challenges below, and their results in the comments section at the bottom of this post.  Remember: if YOU want to work on any kind of improvement for the month of July, just post your goal in the comment section of today’s post, work on your goal, and then come back here on September 7th to give the group your update.  Easy Peasy!

My goals for July were to continue doing plank for 3 minutes while incorporating within that time, different intervals such as mountain climbers and plank pushups.  I have been holding steady at this goal.  I thought about increasing my time, but anything after three minutes turns my arms to jelly, and then I don’t feel like doing anything else; therefore, plank time will stay the same for the month of August. 

Adding another challenge for this month:  Focusing on yoga.  I would like to go to a minimum of 6 yoga classes by September 7th.  This truly will be a challenge for me, but I’m laying it out here so I’m reminded that I made a commitment to DO IT!

That’s it for me this month.  Now, on to bigger and better things……..



How did YOU do last month?  As the Official Goalkeeper, I have all of last month’s participants goals listed below.  Hope to hear from each of you (and from anyone just joining in) within the comments section below!

Karen from Waisting Time was still working on doing plank, even though the official challenge for it ended back in June.  Last month she was up to doing 3 planks a day for 2 minutes each (a very admirable goal to maintain, btw!)  Her goal was to keep doing plank for July. 


Sharon returned from vacation last month meeting her goals!  For July, she wrote:   My birthday is at the end of this month. On my birthday, I’d like to weigh four pounds less than on July 1 and on August 7, I’d like to weigh five pounds less.


Michele is living an incredibly busy life right now and is adjusting her goals accordingly, so that she can keep herself balanced during this stressful time.  She wrote:  My number one priority is getting enough sleep. Number two is to avoid procrastinating. Number three is to work on limiting snacks — sometimes, my “snacks” are like additional meals – total sabotage.


Sable has been doing beautifully with her goals, despite having a very busy summer.  On July 7th, she wrote:  On the benching front, Monday I benched 100lbs (my end-of-summer goal) for 3 reps. I’d like to get that up to 6 reps by August 7!!!


Karen from Before and After started a new kind of exercise program in July.  She wrote: 

I have started walking in the evenings with my husband (and we’re talking power walking, not just a stroll) AND I’ve set a little goal for myself (which I blogged about yesterday): being able to run up Hillside Ave. Hillside is a short (0.2 mile) but steep road that comes at the end of our walk. I used to be able to run it. I want to be able to do that again.

AND!! I’ve added The 100 Workout to my routine (which you can also read about in yesterday’s post). I’d like to make that a regular part of my week, changing it up as necessary to hit different body parts and maybe doing it twice instead of once. My goal is to do that two or three times a week, as well as the kickboxing.


Kristen has had a very successful summer so far.  For her July goals, she wrote: 
1) July will be learning to love your arms. Dang it, its tank top season and I’m “ARMED” with some good and bad features! I plan to keep building my strengths so I can do those real push -ups without struggling but I am also going to focus on being comfortable with them as they are!
2) I will continue with my weight loss journey
3) I will continue with my 10K training so that I am comfortable with a 6mile run.
4) I hope to report a great run time for this weekend 5K!
5) I would like to be able to run for 25 minutes without a break


Tim, who is still walking strong towards his 15 Million Steps, wrote some additional challenges for July: 

This month’s challenge will be to do the following:

1. Go running outside for the first time ever!
2. Go swimming for the first time in years!
3. Improve on how many push ups I can do in one go by practising every day. I’ve just given it a go and I did 11. In 1 month’s time, I will see how much of an improvement I’ve made.


NewMe has back problems like I do.  She is smart in gauging what kind of activities will help, not hinder her progress.  Stretching was her goal for June.  For July, she writes: Goals for July: just keep on keeping on.  I hope to hear all is well with the back this month, and that stretching continues to help!


Greg has been moving steadily toward his goal weight.  For his July goals, he writes: 

My June challenge was the first one I’ve failed since I started challenging myself back in February. I did lose weight, but only 1.2 lbs, not the 4.6 that I was hoping for.
I’ve decided to roll last month’s goal into July, and if need be, into August. It doesn’t really matter how fast I get there, just that I get there.


Hanlie  had a definite plan for July’s goals.  She writes:  My main exercise goals are to do more stretching/Pilates and to do at least 3 deep water workouts per week.


Lynn, who has been doing lots of training these past few months, writes:  For July, I am working on lowering my bodyfat. I am in the middle of reading Racing Weight so I don’t know exactly what a good target number will be for one month (I mean, I’d like to drop 10% BF but I don’t know if that’s doable in one month!!). I will update ASAP.


Laura has had a busy summer, and has been doing a lot of reflective thinking.  For July’s goals, she writes: 

It’s been a tough month – but I think I definitely made progress towards more mindful eating. I’ve learned that I will sometimes overeat when I stressed to create a *new* thing to worry about. It sounds counter-productive – and it is – but I think this is an unconscious way of dealing with worries/stresses that I can’t do anything about. I’m definitely going to work on addressing the cause not the symptom!

Additionally, I’d like to create a realistic budget and begin sticking to it, especially on groceries AND start regular yoga practice at least once a week!


Thanks to everyone who participated.  September is just around the corner, so let’s keep focused on our efforts to make 2011 a productive year.  Work on those goals and I’ll see you back here to Celebrate Your Strength next month!



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  1. Well, shoot fire. I forgot all about this goal. Not that I haven’t done any planks. But I certainly HAVE been doing them less and less often. Slacker!

    • Ellen says:

      Absolutely no worries, Karen. You’ve been pretty consistent in posting here pretty much since I started this monthly challenge – and I know you aren’t one for challenges; so really, you’ve been doing quite well!

  2. Sharon says:

    I did not meet my goals for July and I’m not sure why. Actually, I think the oppressive heat we’ve suffered in the south just turned July into a blah month in which I accomplished practically nothing. So we’ll turn the same goals over into August and go for losing the same five pounds between now and August 7. I’ve also noticed there are several new-to-me bloggers participating in the challenge, so I want to add the goal of checking out those blogs and perhaps, making some new friends.

    Hope you are feeling better!!

    • Ellen says:

      Thank you, Sharon. Feeling much better :)
      You are spot-on about the heat. It has been seriously oppressive and I haven’t been able to do nearly as much as I normally would in the summertime. However, it’s just not safe – nor enjoyable right now. As you can see from my update, I’ve been doing nothing but maintaining – and barely, at that. Maybe with some cooler weather we’ll get more motivated.

      • Sharon says:

        Obviously, my mind is not in gear either this morning. Losing five pounds between now and August 7 would be nice, but also a miracle!! I meant between now and September 7. Proofread, Sharon! It makes all the difference!

  3. Kristen says:

    I did some “big girl” push ups! And wore lots and lots of tank tops – “love what your mama gave you! Lol” ! I lost 4.6 pounds since the last MM! I did have a great run time for my 5K which included running non-stop for 30 minutes. I don’t feel ready for my 10K, so….
    My August goals are:
    1)To survive my 10K and keep up my regular 5mile runs.
    2)Continue my weight loss journey of the upcoming big camping trips.
    3)Climb a mountain in the ADK that I haven’t before
    4)Start lifting weights at night with hubby in our basement gym.

    I have to say, when i read my goals from july I was thinking, dang i dont think i lost anythign maybe 1 pound. Then i looked back at my weigh in sheet and realized that even with vacation, bday parties, and camping I lost 5 pounds. you lose track of your success when you analize your work weekly vs monthly!

    • Ellen says:

      Kristen, that is FANTASTIC!! And, thank you for mentioning the difference between analyzing monthly as opposed to weekly. This is precisely why I’m hosting this monthly challenge. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like we’re achieving a lot when mere days pass by, but when you look month to month, you really start seeing major changes. Thanks for your update, congratulations, and see you in September :)

  4. Roz says:

    Whether goals were met or not, I think everyone is very brave to post about them! Love these posts Ellen!!! Have a great Monday.

  5. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    Well, I’m not at 6 reps yet. I can force out 5 for my first set and 4/set thereafter. BUT now that Max & I train together (so I have a good spotter!) my goal is to bench press my bodyweight (135) cleanly once by Sept. 7. I’d also like to get up to 4 wide grip pull-ups from a dead hang (I’m at 3 now!)

    • Ellen says:

      Sable, you are seriously crushing your goals, I think. Even though you aren’t at 6 reps yet, the fact that you are doing three pull ups from a dead hang is unreal. I’m totally impressed, and hope I’m able to do that myself, one day. Keep up the excellent work, and thanks for the update!

  6. Tim says:

    1. Go running outside for the first time ever! = Achieved! I ran home after playing football (soccer) for 2 hours. I then repeated this last week and I plan on doing it again tonight.

    2. Go swimming for the first time in years! = Achieved! I had a free day pass at a local gym with a pool, so took advantage of this and spent a good 30 minutes in the pool doing lane swimming.

    3. Improve on how many push ups I can do in one go by practising every day = I beat my previous best of 11 and did…..wait for it…..14!!!! LOL I must admit, I didn’t do this everyday, in fact I totally forgot about this one. Oops!!

    My 7th September I will only work on my push ups (so I don’t forget). I will practice every day and try and get as close to 50 as I can.

    • Good luck with the push up goal, Tim! Here’s a link that may help you out.

    • Ellen says:

      Whoa! 14 push ups? Swimming, AND running?? You’re really branching out into different areas of exercise now, Tim. You must be sensing that you’re getting more physically fit. That’s when I started trying all kinds of different things. It helps keep things interesting, too. Doing the same exercises all of the time can get pretty boring. Great job!!

  7. Well, last month’s goal is indeed rolling into August. Still not at June’s target weight. I make a bit of progress and then slip up. Oh well, taking it in stride, and I’ll get there when I get there. Summer, as it turns out, is not a good weight loss season for me. 😉

    • Ellen says:

      Well, I’m sorry that you haven’t yet met your goal, but am happy to know that I’m not the only one who seems to have a hard time losing in the summer. I never used to be that way. In fact, I always lost weight during the summer because I was always out doing things. These days, I concentrate my efforts more in the wintertime. You’ll get there, Greg. Great attitude (and Fall is just around the corner. Maybe then we’ll both get to our goal weights). Thanks for the update.

  8. I’m definitely getting enough sleep — that’s not typically a problem. I sleep less some nights (like 6.5 – 7) and then get more (8 – 9) other nights.

    I wish you the best in getting to those six yoga classes (maybe more).

    And this month, I hope to just kind of stick to my eating plan and time schedule as best I can. I’m striving for balance here — I know I won’t eat perfectly all the time, and I know I won’t stick to the schedule all the time. The most important thing is to keep in mind that it’s okay to deviate a bit. It’s what we do routinely that matters most of all — not what we do on occasion.

    • Ellen says:

      Thank you for posting this as a reminder to EVERYONE that routine is what matters. We will not always be able to do everything in our own timeframe; sometimes our rules will have to be bent a little and we must adjust accordingly. I’m glad to see that you’re getting enough sleep. Right now you certainly need it. Thank you for your update, Michele.

  9. LauraJayne says:

    July was hijacked a bit – and I’m definitely still working on my mindless eating, but I made progress budget and yoga-wise!

    For August, I’d like to complete the yoga challenge, and start to figure out my new “diet” and how it affects how, what, when and where I eat!

    • Ellen says:

      This sounds like a great plan, Laura. One that will give you the kind of balance you need where you can thrive. Great news on making progress with your budget and especially the yoga (since you’re my virtual yoga-buddy! lol) Thank you for the update, and good luck this month :)

  10. teresa says:

    I want to play with you guys too! I had been too fearful to make any more goals for a while, but now I’m moving again so….. For the rest of August, I am working on consistency with my exercise. I need to keep it kind of light right now, but that doesn’t mean doing nothing. So, I’m doing 5 days a week of walking (or equivelant level on elliptical) for 30-60 minutes.
    Now I get to put that nice Moving Mountains sign on my blog! fun.

    • Ellen says:

      Teresa, welcome, WELCOME!! :)
      Walking is really underrated. When I started losing, that is all I did and the weight came off consistently; I became much stronger, too. Good luck this month and looking forward to your update in September :)

  11. I’ve been pretty consistent but here’s what I notice…for about a week to 10 days out of every month, my body hurts more than “normal” and my energy isn’t what I’d like it to be. During this time I am less consistent/intense, but I still make an effort.

    In other news, when my kickboxing contract is up in December, I will not be renewing as I’ve decided that I don’t want my black belt and the powers that be at the dojo are really only interested in students who want to be martial artists. So I have some stuff to think about…what do I want to let in to my life now that I am letting kickboxing go?

    • Ellen says:

      Sounds like you are wide open for new opportunities, Karen. ‘When one door closes…..’ I used to wave off that saying, but now I realize that I just have to start looking at things differently. You’ll find something you enjoy, I’m sure of it.
      As for your lack of energy, I experience this exact same thing. Mine happens to be hormone related and I’ve only noticed because I’ve been asked by my GYN to keep very detailed notes on how I feel. After 4 months I can now set my watch by it. Thank you for your update this month (and every month!) and wishing you well in your search for something new and exciting.

  12. Jules says:

    This is my first time goal setting with you – my goal is to stick to my food plan this month. We have family staying with us all month so just doing that will be challenging enough.

    • Ellen says:

      Welcome, Jules!! Great to have you – and just wanted to say that having had company with us for only two weeks back in April was a challenge keeping on plan. You have picked a great one to work on, and I know it won’t be easy but I’m here for support if you need it. Looking forward to your update with staying on plan AND how things go with having company that long (that is a LONG time!) Good luck!!

  13. NewMe says:

    Hi Ellen,

    You’re so sweet to keep me on the list, but I don’t feel very comfortable being here anymore. My back has improved, though the stretching started causing other problems, so I had to stop that.

    A few days of 20K+ walking have now made my unoperated hip cranky, so again I’m not a very happy camper. I also neglected my yoga for five days, but am back at it as of today.

    I am absolutely sure that you’ll love your yoga classes. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. As for me, I’m just hoping to have some time without any new/old/and/or scary pain. I just try not to let it take up all my mental space.

    • Ellen says:

      I’m sorry to hear that your stretching has caused some other problems. It’s always something, isn’t it? For me, the yoga has been incredible; however, I have found that after every session I am getting a headache. Reading has me thinking it may be dehydration or improper breathing. Still, it’s frustrating when we do something that is supposed to ‘help’ us and even though it may, it causes another issue. I hope you get to a comfortable place – soon!
      Come back anytime, for ANY goal. You know you’re always welcome here :)

  14. Hanlie says:

    Mmm, I didn’t come close to my goals in July, but since I’ve signed up for a 5K fun walk in September, I will simply have to do better in August.

    My goals for August: Exercise every day – be it dancing, stretching, walking of water aerobics.

  15. So, as someone who has spent a lot of time (and money) learning about goal setting I should have known that my July goal was not specific enough. My body fat scale died and even though I replaced the batteries, it is still not working. I have no idea what my starting or ending bf% was/is.

    However, I did start doing the Insanity program while still incorporating my runs and I am already seeing results. My ‘problem’ area is my abdomen and I am seeing muscles starting to appear.

    What I’ve realized throughout these monthly goal setting challenges is that although I workout and run a lot, burning up to (and sometimes more than) 1000 calories per workout, I am way too lax on portion control when I eat. I pretty much eat ‘clean’, whole foods…but too many calories, even if from ‘good’ foods, will cause weight gain. This is hard for me to admit but something I need to face if I really do want to reach my goals.

    Aug goals: Begin a food log and follow my eating plan (adapted from the Insanity program).

    Stay on track with combined Insanity workouts and runs (working out 6 times per week).

    Get a new scale so I can track my progress!!

    • Ellen says:

      Thanks for checking in with your goals for last month, Lynn. Good luck on this next month, and I hope you are able to find a decent, accurate scale. Always look forward to your updates :)

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