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   Jun 07

June 7th: Moving Mountains Update

It’s June 7th, which means it’s time for another Moving Mountains Update!  For those of you just coming across this series for the first time, I post on the 7th of every month with a reminder to participating readers of the goals they set for themselves the prior month. 

On the 7th of each month, you are welcome to comment on an improvement you’d like to work on.  I will be your goalkeeper for the month, and on the 7th day of the following month, I’ll remind you of your goal and you can give an update on your progress.  No goal is too big or too small, and it does not have to be weight related.  Got it?  Good!  Now, on to this month’s update!

Last month I decided that I would keep more focused on continuing my running program; more specifically, C25K.  I am proud to say that I have seen great improvement in my stamina.  I noticed this by accident one day as I was walking the dogs and it suddenly started raining – hard!  We turned back around and ran the entire way back to the car and I wasn’t even out of breath.  It wasn’t a terribly long distance but to me, that was an amazing feeling. 

I have decided to add a couple of other areas that I’d like to see improvements in, thanks to reading recent posts by Lynn at Learning Curves and Karen at Waisting Time.  Lynn is making an effort at reducing her carbon footprint and it gave me the idea to spend this month getting  into the habit of using canvas bags at the grocery store instead of plastic ones.  I’ve got my bags lined up and in the car already, and hopefully by this time next month I’ll be fully into the habit of bringing them with me into the grocery store every single time I shop.

Karen is going to be participating in the Planks Challenge over at Fitblog Chats and I’m going to work on this as well.  I firmly believe that strengthening my core has greatly decreased my lower back pain, so adding this challenge was a no-brainer. 

How are You Doing?

Karen from Before and After was able to get back to her kickboxing and kettlebell workouts last month after a little time off due to health issues. 

Her goal for June 7th?  I’m planning on plenty of walks to the beach, kayaking and other fun stuff this summer. I’d like to walk a half-marathon in October but not sure I can do it without formal training…and I don’t like formal training. So not sure yet. 


Karen from Waisting Time had a busy month, what with her son’s graduation as well as lots of parties to attend. 

Her goal for June 7th? I have a lot of food obstacles this month. Holidays and birthday and tons of graduation parties and tons of baking and son home from college. So I am just trying to keep my head above water and stay on track with my eating.


Hanlie from Ordinary Abundance was doing a lot of hula hooping last month (one of my favorite pastimes!)  and she started a new job!

Her goal for June 7th? I will be walking in the month to come, because I am starting my new job on Tuesday and the Promenade is right there, so instead of sitting in rush hour traffic, I will don my walking shoes, grab the iPod and, unless it’s pouring with rain, take a walk after work.


Sable at Squat Like a Lady has been the poster child for Moving Mountains.  She’s recently posted some before and after pics that show how hard she’s been working. 

Her goal for June 7th?  This month I want to press 80lbs for 8 reps!


Marsial from Eyes of the Sun was dreaming of her upcoming mini vacation last month. 

Her June 7th goal? I would dearly love to break my old, low weight record of 183 pounds before I go. My eating is very much on track, so I am hoping that the 3 pounds I need to lose (I was 185-1/2 this AM) should be achievable — it would be a bonus if I could get there by your next update.


Tim from Fat.Boy.Thin has been achieving goals left and right and I am a big fan of his. 

For his June 7th goal, he writes:  My next challenge is going to be to continue C25K because I am only half way through it at the moment. I am also aiming to hit 2 million steps with my walking.


Kristen from Hot Mama in Hiding had been working on pushups last month and was kind enough to give me some pointers that her trainer shared with her (and it’s working, Kristen – thank you!!)

Her goal for June 7th:  Going forward I am staying focused on push ups! Also, training more for my 5K. I would like to improve my March 5K time of 33:19 when I run on May 21st!


CD from Walk to Sing submitted a comment for her first challenge last month.  She wrote: I start a new job on Monday ~ my challenge (first time participant) will be to walk between 10 and 13 miles this week… minimum 2 miles a day, at least 5 days each week. Yes, 10 – 13 miles per week – this month… working up to a 15-17 minute walking mile is my goal… to walk 3 miles in 45 minutes.  Would love an update, CD, and hope the job is going well!!


Greg from Transformed and Scaled completed his last challenge with flying colors: no meat for a month!  Not an easy task but he pulled it off rather well, I think! 

His goal for June 7th: This month my goal is to get back to my gym routine, since I kind of slacked off a bit in April. My goal is 18 gym workouts, 5 floor hockey games and 5 other physical activities in the month.


Laura from LauraJayne has had one BUSY month.  She has been a powerhouse of achievements. 

For her June 7th goal, she writes:  My goal for June 7 is to have made progress in my goal to stop counting calories (without gaining a ton of weight)!


Michele from Healthy Cultivations has had a difficult month and I hope her main goal ended up being to lovingly care for herself.  Here’s what she wrote last month for her June 7th goals: 

1. return to a vegetarian eating plan and severely limit processed foods;
2. continue walking as planned since I registered for the Air Force Half Marathon in September in Dayton, Ohio (HOORAY!) — planning to get back into serious weight loss mode because getting smaller is the only way to get faster in my walking — I have goals for the future and can’t achieve them at my current weight;
3. jump on that strength training wagon;
4. fully commit myself to my life — sometimes, I kind of hang out on the outskirts of it without participating fully — each day requires attention to every area of my life; and
5. return to blogging without an overly ambitious schedule — I need room for inspiration rather than a schedule to keep me going — I have several ideas floating around.


New Me from NewMe: A Fresh Start brought out her walking sticks last month and broke them in – yay!! 

Her goal for this month:  I suppose this month I should aim for at least four walking-pole days. The back is touch and go, but I think the urban walking doesn’t make it any worse, so I’ll keep going.


Ellie from Ellie Unzipped has been continuing her goals of increased speed in soccer, and writes:  I think this month I will try some timed sprints and see if I am actually making any progress on my speed.  Also, I’m going to be working hard this month on making sure I don’t gain.


And Lynn, from Learning Curves is improving many areas of her life, and many of them are not weight related; it was her post that lit a fire under my behind to make a goad of being more accountable for our environment.  Her focus for June:  Anyway, my goal for next month is of course to complete my marathon on Jun 5. Also, to maintain my 8 pull-ups from another challenge.


Thanks to every single one of you who participated by allowing me to hold onto your goals this month.  Now, let’s see how you did! 

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  1. Kristen says:

    I feel as if i didnt make progress on my push ups this month I kind of stopped doing my “Homework” my trainer gave me! However, I have been Soooo! successful on my running. This past weekend i ran 5.25 miles in 54 minutes. I am very pround of that time! also from May 2- June 6th i lost 11.8 pounds!

    For the next month goals: To get back on track with my pushups. I am going to successfully do real push ups without dropping my hips. So this month i will be working on push ups, planks, planks to push and side planks. Along with training for my 5K on July 10th and 10K in August.

    • Ellen says:

      Maybe no progress on push ups Kristen, but you are certainly in the zone when it comes to everything else – ride that high, girl! Your run time is fantastic! Thanks for your update. Always nice to see what you are up to :)

  2. Basically nothing has changed…I’m maintaining the status quo. Which is good, I guess. My body has been extra achy in the past week (hormonal) and so I have been taking it easy(ier). I’m sitting her responding to this post and with my kickboxing clothes on but am wondering if I am actually going to go (I have 15 minutes to eat my breakfast and decide!!)

    • Ellen says:

      Well, this is too funny because I’m sitting here with my running clothes on and it’s already over 80 degrees outside (92 for a high today) and I really, really don’t want to run today. Maybe in my basement tonight after work.
      Thank you for your updates, Karen. I think maintaining is pretty fantastic :)

  3. Ellen says:

    Sable from Squat Like a Lady: So first — my update! I wanted to be benching 80lbs for 8 reps, and as of yesterday I am benching 90 for 5 :) (which is surprising given that I just started a cut! I think it’s got to do with the IF.) My new goal — be down 7 lbs by this time next month! And therefore almost done cutting 😉


  4. I’ve done some things… yes, back to the vegetarian way of life. Yes, walking as planned. Blogging without an overly ambitious schedule — in fact, I’ve skipped a few posts, but life has been really up in the air recently. As for strength training, it fell to the bottom of the list as it often does. Why is it so much easier to get in the cardio instead of the strength work? And commitment to my life — yes, I’m right in the midst of it striving to do the best I can and not over-analyze things too much. I’m an over-analyzer, but I’m working toward scheduling my times for over-analyzing.

    In June, I’d like to do the following:
    1. limit my sugar intake to one real sugary item per week — other than that, just fruit for sweets;
    2. keep exercising (I probably shouldn’t make this a goal because I’m consistent with this); and
    3. most importantly, I must not catastrophize everything. I must realize that no matter what decisions I make, they’re the best ones I can make given the circumstances. I have to weigh all the factors and move forward based on what I feel deep inside… not what others think I should do or what I sometimes feel. Major life decisions must come from that tranquil, peaceful place that is our truest self. SO — I need to work very hard to make myself the Zen Zone this month so that I’m in a good place to make big choices.

    • Ellen says:

      Michele, number 3 sounds like it should be at the top of the priority list. Take care of you and work that Zen Zone. Everything will work out!

  5. Okay… I forgot about this:) So, I did very well with two big exceptions. My own grad party (although I rocked everyone else’s) and the recent family reunion. That last one… major bingefest. So for June: Eat on plan every day with the one exception of an upcoming dinner out with friends. (Crossing my fingers that no more social eating comes my way but as I type this I realize that I’ll hit the 4th of July and will likely be at the lake and that needs goals all it’s own!) And work on those planks!

  6. Sharon says:

    Hi Ellen, Is it too late for me to join the Moving Mountains Challenge? I resisted at the beginning because I thought I had too much going on. Well, that’s exactly the reason I SHOULD participate. So here’s my Moving Mountains Goal:

    As you know, but maybe others don’t, we are in the midst of a six week tour of Colorado. We will return home to Tennessee somewhere around the 24th of this month. On the day we return home, I want to weigh at least one pound less than the day we left and on July 7th, at least five pounds less than the day we left. That’s not an extremely aggressive goal, but it is enough to keep me accountable.

    I love reading everyone else’s progress and goals.

    • Ellen says:

      Sharon, it is NEVER too late, especially for you :)
      I do hope you and your husband are enjoying Colorado. I’ve always wanted to go and hike. There are some marvelous places to stay up in the mountains, too.
      Thanks for giving your update; I’ll keep your goal safe and sprinkle some extra weight-loss magic dust on it until we meet next month 😉

  7. Congrats on the increased stamina!!!! That is a HUGE step!!!!!

  8. Got back to my workout routine, made my goal with no problems. My goal for June is to get to my target weight of 153.6 lbs, which will mean I’ll have lost 51.2 lbs, or 1/4 of my total body weight since I started trying to get in shape. I hope to do this by my birthday, which is on the 26th of the month. Failing that, I’ll settle for being there by June 30th.

  9. Ellie says:

    I was focused so hard last month on having a month with no gains and got all the way to the end of the month successfully then gained .2 lbs before the end. Its closer to a month with no gains, but I need something better. I will try again this month.

    Soccer season has come to a close. I have not given up on improving my speed, but I am shifting my method. I decided to start the workout program “Insanity” this month and hope the intense cardio will help boost my athletic performance (and help with that no gain goal). It’s a 60 day program, so here goes nothing.

    My first fit test results are:

    Switch Kicks : 59
    Power Jacks : 44
    Power Knees : 55
    Power Jumps : 33
    Globe Jumps : 9
    Suicide Jumps : 12
    Push Up Jacks : 11
    Low Plank Obliques : 44

    I hope I can improve them by the 7th of next month!

    I’m so happy to hear everyone is making progress, even if it isn’t going as fast as we all hope, you are absolutely right that moving a mountain doesn’t happen immediately, it takes time and effort, and eventually everyone will see their mountain move.

    I also love your carbon foot print goal, that sounds like an easy thing I can try out too.

    • Ellen says:

      Ellie, your efforts are phenomenal! Insanity is CRAZY from everything I’ve heard about it (I’m afraid to ask what a suicide jump is!!)
      Thank you for always participating in these monthly challenges. It’s so nice to see how other people are doing – regardless of what achievements they want to make for the month. Good luck on Insanity!

  10. Munchberry says:

    Oh my gosh this is very inspiring. I am trying to develop some exercise plans/goals and to (ahem) be accountable for them. I hope it is OK to join midstream. I got a pedometer and my goal is to walk 3500 steps, increasing steps by 500 each week until I reach 10,000 steps. By July 7 my goal is to be at 5500 steps per day!

    So far I know there are 27 steps round trip desk to fridge. I am not sure how the extra step got in there. I must stutter step when I have food in hand. ; )

    • Ellen says:

      SO glad that you have decided to allow me the opportunity to be your goalkeeper for the month. This is a great stepping point (har-har) and that pedometer will really motivate you. Steps go by a lot quicker than you think! Thanks for participating and I’ll spread some good mojo on this goal for you until we meet again next month 😉

  11. Tim says:

    It’s great to read everyones goals, it’s such a motivational boost knowing that other people are really trying hard too. Good luck to you all!

    Re: my goals – I hit 2 million steps, now approaching 2.5 million steps which I will hit in a couple of weeks and I have also completed the dreaded Week Five Day Three 20 minute run on C25K. I am currently on Week 6 Day Three which is my 25 minute run with no breaks. Eeek!

    My goal this month is regularly drink at least 2 litres of liquid a day for the whole month (those that read my blog probably know that I totally suck at this!) and also to improve my strength training at the gym.

    • Ellen says:

      You’re my hero, Tim. I keep thinking how great it’s going to be when you reach your 15 millionth step – and how lousy it’s going to be for the rest of us who should be celebrating with you when you get there! Guess we’ll have to throw you a virtual party!

      • Tim says:

        I’m hoping to be in America when I hit my 15 million steps. I want to complete it by walking up the ‘Rocky Steps’ in Philly. :)

  12. NewMe says:

    Although I walked a fair bit, I think I only used my poles twice. The rest of this month is going to be very busy, so I’m not sure about how much poling I’ll be doing. However next week I’ll be working at a resort and only half-days at that. I think I’ll bring my poles along!

    I started last month with the same scary back pain, but about two weeks ago, my yoga teacher gave me a new kind of stretch for my psoas muscle and within a couple of days my back started feeling MUCH, MUCH better. In fact, I think the sharp pain I felt briefly in the middle of my back as I was lying in bed one night about ten days ago was actually the pain of the bulging disc going back into place in my spine!!

    I am over the moon thrilled.

    So I guess one of my most important goals is to do this dead-easy stretch every day…and keep walking and doing yoga.

    I’m also experimenting with something really simple and really off the wall. For the time being, I will say no more. I’m hoping to be very pleased next month…Stay tuned…

    • Ellen says:

      Ooh, a cliffhanger – I love it!! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got going on. Keep us posted and I’m so glad your back is feeling better. I sympathize with the pain :(

  13. LauraJayne says:

    I did better at NOT counting calories, but I also gained weight – around 4 pounds. It’s a scary feeling, but I am committed to not living my life tied to the scale.

    For July 7, I would like to continue to not count calories, but listen to my body more and start and stop eating according to its cues. Additionally, I’d like to make sure that I am putting food that it good for me AND that I enjoy into my body instead of mindless snacking and calories!

    • Ellen says:

      Laura, I greatly admire your willingness and determination to want to do what is good for your body and MIND; this is not an easy task to achieve right away but I know that in time you will have things figured out and will live a much fuller life not having to count calories. Thank you for your update. Was wondering how things were going and am glad to see that you’re going to keep it up!

  14. Hey Ellen! Thanks so much for mentioning me in your blog! I am so happy to see that my little post made an impression. It always seems odd to post something that isn’t fitness related but I really think doing things that are important to one spills over into all areas of one’s life.

    Well, I finished the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon!!! It was a great day and a HUGE accomplishment for me. My running partner and I made a pact to finish together no matter what and after she started suffering from a hip-flexor strain (hopefully NOT a tear), we had to slow our pace significantly and walk a portion of the race…we lost about 45 minutes at bathroom breaks because she couldn’t keep anything down…porr thing!! BUT…we finished TOGETHER and it was so worth sticking by her side…I couldn’t imagine having crossed that finish line without her!

    So, my new goal is to start the P90X program on June 10 and STICK with it! I will be starting my training for the Nike Marathon at about the same time so my other goal is to complete my new training program outline so I can do P90x and running.

    • Ellen says:

      Oh, Lynn. What a true-blue friend you are. Many people are all about the time, but you clearly see that there is much, much more to succeeding than by numbers alone. I’m sure your friend was so grateful to have you by her side. I can’t imagine running a race while physically ill – ugh! Congrats to you both, and good luck with P90X. I will be very interested in hearing about this; I’ve thought about it myself but don’t know anyone who’s done it, so please keep us updated by posting!!

  15. Marsial2010 says:

    Oh Poo! or Pooh! Whatever…. Well, one would think that losing 2-1/2 pounds in a month would be doable. I certainly thought so. I lost 1/2 pound. Vacation is next week and I seriously doubt that I will lose 2 pounds this week. My goal for the coming month is to get used to my new, lower dose asthma medication and see if it clears up some of the many medical problems I’m having. I may blog about this — haven’t decided. I just thought there was something seriously wrong with me this week, but after reading about all of the side effects from Advair (a few of which I was experiencing), I’m hoping that these problems were just related to my meds. Anyhooooo, I will be starting a lower dose tomorrow and I hope to feel better soon.

    Ellen, I’m wishing your Mom continued good luck with her rehab and you with your relaxation efforts.

    • Ellen says:

      Marsial, you HAVE achieved success! Congratulations!! I think challenges are whatever we make of them, and when I came up with this idea it was more about moving in the right direction instead of completing something. I just wanted to work on something that I could say I was actually ‘better at’ than in the previous month. You are 1/2 a pound lighter than last month so you did it!

  16. CD says:

    Hi Ellen ~

    Well… I did my first 5k ~ and have been walking between 5 and 8 miles a week. I’m meeting a friend of mine 2x a week, walking 2.82 miles around a local park, and walking between 1 mile and 2 miles 2 or 3 days a week around my neighborhood.

    I don’t like pain, and am not likely to continue doing anything if I am not totally enjoying the process, as well as the result(s). I still have the goal to do 3 miles in 45 minutes (right now I’m doing a 23 minute walking mile)… but I’m not pushing too hard with all the other things I’m trying to do right now… which just proves once again that my fitness and health goals HAVE to be first, and letting other things go is a good thing for awhile.

    I’m proud of what I’ve done — and when I lose another 70 lbs I’ll start walk/running the Jeff Galloway way. Thanks for your awesome inspiration and support, Ellen! :-)

    • Ellen says:

      Congratulations on completing your first 5K!! That is something I have yet to do. And it sounds like you are right on target with your walking, too. Enjoying the process is something every one of us should make a point to do; otherwise, we set ourselves up to fail.
      And you most certainly should be proud – 70 pounds is amazing. Thank you for participating in this monthly progress report. Can’t wait to hear about where you are next month at this time :)

  17. CD says:

    ps. this month I want to start adding working with bands to start toning my arms… as well as doing the Tai Chi dvd that has never been out of the package :-)

  18. Hanlie says:

    The weather turned really nasty, so the walking on the Promenade was a wash, but then I joined a gym very close to my office and now I go there in the morning before work. It’s all about adapting!

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