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   Jun 06

Tomorrow is Moving Mountains Update

A quick reminder to those of you who participated in last month’s Moving Mountain’s Challenge, tomorrow is the 7th, which means I’ll be having my monthly update post, so bring on your progress reports!

I am in one of those moods where I have a lot to say, but having difficulties trying to put my thoughts together; don’t you just hate that? I have 3 posts in draft but none of them makes much sense even to me at the moment, so there they’ll sit until I have more time to tweak them into more coherent sentences.  In the meantime, please accept this Dumping Ground post where you’ll quickly notice that I’m jumping from topic to topic in record speed.

Do any of you remember that episode of Seinfeld when George’s father used a mantra to help him calm down?  Every time he felt like he was going to blow his top he’d scream out from the top of his lungs Serenity Now!  I am feeling a bit like Frank, lately.  I am off the anxiety meds that I was taking and am a bit discouraged to try anything else at the moment, so I’m attempting to use some calming techniques until I feel prepared enough to give miracle drug number 6 a whirl. 

My husband’s mother’s house finally sold after almost 10 months on the market. The new owners want occupancy on July 1st, which doesn’t give us much time to clear out the house. Serenity Now!  While his job will be to team up with his sister and move things out, my job will be trying to make room for the things that will inevitably end up making their way over here until he has time to go through them. I’ve already taken 2 (yes, two) truckloads of items to Goodwill.   Most of the items were furniture I’d retrieved from dumpsters over the years that have been waiting to be made beautiful.  It was tough letting those things go, but I made a vow: anything that hadn’t been touched in 2 years was heading out the door. 

I am happy to report that my weekend was a good one; I spent time with my Mom at the rehabilitation center; she is finally beginning to feel better after a rough couple of weeks.   Her first post-surgery doctor’s appointment is on the 13th where they will take an x-ray to see if there have been any changes.  We could potentially see some bone growth in the x-ray but the doctor said that we could wait for up to 3 full months before seeing any progress.  Still, we’re hopeful. 

Have a good Monday, everyone. Please forgive me if you don’t see me commenting as much on your blogs these next couple of weeks; rest assured that I am reading though, and if there’s anything you think I would find particularly interesting please let me know.  I don’t like the idea of being out of touch with you all but must remember this is temporary.  Serenity Now!

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  1. Good luck with the move, Ellen. I need to make a trip or two to Goodwill myself, gotta get rid of some stuff that’s been sitting in the garage since my wife moved in with me five years ago… Not everything, though. We still need to buy a bigger house, and furnish it. Congrats on getting that house sold, too. I understand the US housing market is a shambles right now, so that’s fairly difficult as it is.
    Hope things turn out well with your Mom’s appointment.

    • Ellen says:

      Thanks, Greg. Your position is a little harder to navigate than mine – you haven’t gotten your house yet so you really don’t know what to keep and what to get rid of, yet. I have zero excuses anymore. Seems like I feel so much better and lighter in general when I’ve got less crap around! lol
      And you are right about the housing market. In fact, here in Indiana I just read that there is a surplus of homes compared to the number of people living in our area – by 10%! The buyers got a great deal, though. They basically asked for the sun, stars and the moon in the form of closing costs, home warranty, furniture, appliances, etc… but it was worth it just to get out from under maintenance costs.

  2. Munchberry says:

    I cannot imagine the mantra I would have to say if I had to part with all my rehab projects and various stashes. Alcohol would be involved I know that. Don’t be too disappointed if they do not see any/or very little bone growth this go round (with mama). Now that she is feeling better, rehab will get better and the bone will grow better (usually). My husband’s dad had something similar done to his back. Many ups and downs. Can she put any weight on her leg yet?

    Put a vase of flowers over the extra stuff being brought to the house. It will probably be there for a while so you may as well put a thing of beauty atop it. My husband’s brother moved his life into our house (including a giant stinky boat engine). My house was a maze for 2 months. My husband (probably sensing my silent buildup of pissiness about it) put up signs at crossroads “this way to the Tim Free Zone” (our bedroom) or “”Hugs available to your left”. I kept the signs after the boxes left. The important part to know: the boxes leave. Develop a loving plan to wittle down the pile lest anyone get used to their presence.

    • Ellen says:

      I am coming to SO appreciate your clever sense of writing; whatever you post or comment, it’s like I can see what you’re saying in my mind!
      Love the notes your husband left – how sweet and considerate is that? Although I’m sure you would have much rather had the crap out of there!
      Thanks for the story. I’m going to do the best I can and hope that our house goes back to normal before too long.

  3. So first — my update! I wanted to be benching 80lbs for 8 reps, and as of yesterday I am benching 90 for 5 :) (which is surprising given that I just started a cut! I think it’s got to do with the IF.) My new goal — be down 7 lbs by this time next month! And therefore almost done cutting 😉

    • Ooops meant to include this with last post — GOOD LUCK moving. Remember all of this (life…difficulties…stress…mountains) is temporary. A year from now it will be a vague memory. :) Hugs!

      • Ellen says:

        Hi, Sable. I will be transferring your comment to today’s update post so you don’t have to worry about posting again – and thank you for the good thoughts on the move. SO looking forward to getting life back to normal!!

  4. roxie says:

    Good luck with the moving! And the mantra. I can so relate! Serenity NOW!

  5. I hope the mantra brings some calm for you:)

  6. Roz says:

    Big yay that the house sold!!!! And glad your Mom is feeling better and doing well. Take care of yourself. Serenity NOW!!!

  7. LauraJayne says:

    I’m glad to hear that your mother is doing well – it definitely sounds like you have a lot going on, and my thoughts are with you!

    Keep blogging too – even if you aren’t commenting, we know you are reading, and I know that blogging helps me to put things in perspective!

  8. Michele says:

    Good luck with all the moving things and transitions. We still have stuff from both my mom and dad when they had to move out of their houses. Organization is key!

  9. Tim says:

    Good news about your mum, I hope everything works out for her and good luck with the hectic days ahead!

    I’m dreading the day I get my own house because it gives me a good reason to keep lots of clutter. Where I am still at my mum’s house, I have to throw away lots of things because I have zero room in my tiny bedroom.

  10. I’m liking the mantra…. I think I’ll borrow it from you because of recent I really and truly do need it. :)

    Great that the house got sold – good luck with all the hectic madness though! :)

  11. Jan says:

    Glad your Mom is doing better and I hope she continues doing well as the days pass. Yea for getting the house sold, but sorry for the quick turn around. Serenity Now for sure (loved that episode). :)

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