My scandalous love affair. With a sheep.

Still reading?  Good! No, I haven’t changed the name to Pervert Wednesday.  Let’s talk socks!

What……?  Did you really think you’d have stuck around this long if my title was labeled: ‘Socks Are Good’?  To make this potentially boring post more bearable to read, I’m going to distract you periodically with photos of cute little animals.  Only a monster wouldn’t stick around for something as adorable as that, am I right?

So, welcome back to Like It Wednesday.  I have never been more excited to discuss socks in all of my life….not just any socks, either.  We’re talking Smartwool.

"Are you talking about us?"


I am a sock snob.  It’s true.  I was introduced to Smartwool socks a few years ago when I went to a specialty shoe store at the mall to find some foot-wide shoes for my freaky clown feet.  Before slipping my feet into the shoes the sales associate, for the heck of it (smartest sales person on the planet) opened up a package of wool socks and asked me to put them on.  i figured they would be itchy and uncomfortable like every wool sweater I’d ever owned.  That, and I’d have to use special care when washing them.  Still, I indulged him and tried them on. 

"This post is incredibly fascinating! Somebunny read me more!"


All I could say was, ‘Ahhhhhh…Mmmmm’.  (yes, they felt that good).  I could not believe I had been walking around in cotton socks all my life.  I haven’t looked back, since. 

"I wish I could wear socks."


So, what’s the story behind some socks and why do I love them? 

Number one: Working out is a pleasure with these babies on.  Smartwool socks have an incredible anti-funk factor.  I can lounge, walk, or hike all day long in these socks, take them off and they don’t stink.  Amazing. All of the moisture is pulled from my skin through the fabric and my feet remain dry and happy.

Number Two: they do not shrink.  I just throw them in the washer with my other clothes, then toss them in the dryer.  They come out good as new.

Number Three:  they make my feet feel wonderful.  Smartwool has many different styles but the kind I tried on that day was the Saturnsphere.  These socks have a cushion in the heel and at the ball of the foot; my feet have thanked me every day for providing the extra ‘oomph’ those socks give, and greatly reduced the number of blisters I used to get from walking.

Number Four: Smartwool socks are durable.  I still wear the ones I bought all those years ago at Freaky-Feet shoe store and they feel just as good as the day I wore them home. 

"What do you mean, they don't stink? That's the best part of a sock!"


OK, now for some good news and bad news.  Let’s do the bad news first and get it over with:  these socks ain’t cheap.  At Smartwool’s site, they run about $19 a pair but of course that’s retail. 

The good news: As I mentioned earlier I am now a sock snob; however I am also very frugal and normally, spending a penny over $3 for a pair of socks would send me into panic-mode.  You can buy these socks for a more reasonable price if you know where to look.  I happen to know where to look.

"I'm sad that your post is almost finished.  Why couldn't you have made it a little longer?"


Sierra Trading Post has seconds (some may have barely noticeable blemishes) for half the price.  Also, you can go to Shoebuy and check out their Smartwool selection.  They sell their socks in groups of two pair, they have free shipping, free returns, and often offer decent coupons online if you search for them.  Or, sign up for their newsletter and the coupons will come to you.  I will check Ebay on occasion as well.  Prices are usually good but you never know if you’re getting the real thing if you don’t know your seller so always check the seller rating before deciding to bid. 

"That was some brilliant writing!"


One quick note about cushion: when shopping for these, make sure you know if the sock is light, medium or heavy cushion – there are different thicknesses for different activities: hiking, hunting, running, walking…they have socks for every occasion.

There.  Done!  Who knew that baby animals would find socks so interesting?  Do any of you have an item or brand that you splurge on?  Do you own Smartwool?  Am I the only one stupid enough to think that devoting an entire post about merino wool socks was a good idea?  Don’t just lurk – leave a comment :)

Remember, all reviews on this blog were written independently and were in no way endorsed by any brand, manufacturer or otherwise.  My comments are personal opinion only, and I only review products I personally use and enjoy.

10 thoughts on “My scandalous love affair. With a sheep.

  1. Mary

    I have to admit I've never heard of them either, but then again I'm stuck in Ireland :P I will definitely look into these though! I walk…all the time, not only as a way to lose weight but my feet and leg power are my means of transport….I don't drive. I walk to and from work etc so I gotta take care of my feet and this sounds like the best treat to give them :P Loved this post…very funny and the pics were cute :)

  2. Mayhem Mama

    I have got to check those out! I love to go barefoot, but that is not great for the skin on my feet, especially when I am dodging things the girls leave out that result in scratched up toes! I have been looking for something other than plain white socks that will be a little warmer this winter. I checked out the links and they are really neat looking. Now I just have to save up my pennies! Thanks for sending me to them.

    1. Ellen Post author

      Thanks, MM~ Hope your feet are nice and toasty this winter. I have Raynaud's Syndrome (the really uppity name for constantly cold fingers and toes). I gotta do what I can to keep those babies warm!

  3. Mayhem Mama

    Oh, and by the way – I could not read this post with the kids in the house. They want a pet so badly, and all those pictures of baby animals would have sent them on another begging rampage!

  4. Sasha

    The pictures of the baby animals are cracking me up! Very cute but they couldn't distract me! Being an avid hiker I am a sock fiend. I wear Wigwam merino wool socks which I generally pay around 13 to 14 dollars a pair for. Their lightweight and mid-weight hiking socks are my favorite. I always take an extra pair of socks for the mid-way point on a hike to change into because my feet sweat a lot and even though the merino wool does wick and keep my feet dry, I like to change them out anyway. I would like to say, for the record that my feet, although they do sweat, do not create a smelly funk. :| For that I am grateful. I'm going to have to check out the smart wool socks, they sound fabulous. :)

    1. Ellen Post author

      Sasha, I've never heard of Wigwam….I've got to check those out. They sound like they would be very similar to Smartwool. Around the same price range, too. BTW, glad to see another fellow sock snob!;)

  5. Shari

    I realize I'm a little behind on this post… but I just had to tell you…THESE SOCKS LOOK AWESOME! I love socks too and just like you, try to keep them under $3, but I may have to save up and try a couple pairs!! Thanks for the awesome post!


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