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   Oct 03

Believe In Yourself at Grown-up University

Once again I am here to share a couple of great blog sites that I personally follow. 


Believe In Yourself is run by Sam.  She has had great success at losing weight and now follows Intuitive Eating, which she explains on her blog here.  Sam had a great post last week where she talked more about overcoming challenges.  She writes:

I am starting to get to the point where I know that I can have ANY food I want, but… I don’t want it. The other day I went grocery shopping. And I walked down the cookie, candy, and cracker isle. I told myself, "Okay Sam, you can have ANYTHING you want. You can only choose one, but it can be ANYTHING!". There were things that I considered, but when it came down to it, you know what I chose? Not the oreos, not the twinkies, not the rolos, not the taffy cookies. I chose Popcorn. So while I am still making choices that are probably not the most nutritious, I am starting to see that I don’t have to eat this kind of food, if I don’t want to. That I don’t need it. And in some cases, I don’t even want it!

Sam was determined not to set herself up for failure, either:

So our new rule in the house, we only eat in the kitchen. It goes back to habits. I have habits in the past of stuffing myself while watching a movie. Eating and eating and eating while reading a book in bed. Mindless stuffing food in my mouth while playing on the computer. But I don’t really have any habit’s associated with eating in the kitchen. And I’m not talking about eating at the refrigerator. I mean, we sit down and have a meal as a family at the kitchen table. We talk. We share. We eat. And… we have this new habit – we stop when we are satisfied! It’s amazing! It seems to be really working… huh, who would’ve thought! 😉

What a breakthrough, huh?  Even if you aren’t doing intuitive eating, Sam’s site is loaded with honest, personal, helpful stories.  Check her out.




This next site is called Grown Up University and is run by Leslie.  She, like me recently started her blog and I’ve gotta tell you….she hit the floor running when she launched.  Not only does she give herself specific things to do every month (reading specifically chosen books, classes ranging from cooking to…what?  hip- hop?) but she set the bar especially high when she also chose to eliminate TV from her life during the entire month of September!  Regarding her class schedule, she writes:

To start with, I am going to work on my eating, exercise, work and leisure habits for the next four months.  This “semester,” I have designed three classes: Food Science 101, Physical Education 101, and Occupational and Leisure Studies 121.

Over the next four months, I’ll be going from a couch potato to someone who can run a 5K.  I’ll be going a month without television or eating out, and reading 15 books on topics that include cooking, sustainable and local food issues, running and fitness, work productivity and organization, and writing well.  That’s to name a few things I’ll be doing.  For the full deets, check out the course syllabi.

In the spring, this will start all over again, and I will begin classes in Environmental Studies, Spirituality and Religion, and Financial Principles with new goals and assignments.  Relationships and Family Planning are on the summer schedule.

This project is an experiment to see if a year is enough time to close the gap between the kind of person I am and the kind of person I want to be.

Leslie gives updates on her classes, detailed reviews on the books she’s read, and loads of inspiration.  I know I’m more motivated!  Head on over to her blog.  It’s a real education.


Thanks for reading; see you back here tomorrow where I will introduce you to my 2 golden retrievers; you won’t go away disappointed, I promise.  Where else would you be entertained by watching a dog whispering……hmm?


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  1. Leslie says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Ellen :). I'm excited to go check out Sam's blog too. Did i mention I love, love your format, with the topics you have chose for the different days?

    • Ellen says:

      Thank you, Leslie. I really appreciate the pats on the back! Hope things are going well your way. As always, looking forward to your next post :)

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